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[Sticky] Top 10 Favorite Characters (BOOKS ONLY)  

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Mrs Smooshy
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1. Edmund - bad boy gone good; a nobility humbled with graciousness

2.Jill - a bit bratty but always genuine; you know what she's thinking and she's passionate which makes her impetuous and interesting

3. Eustace - more of a realistic "conversion" vs Edmund as his change in self takes a bit longer and he retains that edge -- especially around "Pole" -- but it makes him a scrapper in the end

4.Lucy - so sweet and warm without being obnoxious. The sort of person who could be best friends with anyone and everyone and remember all of their birthdays

5.Caspian - a true leader. I prefer the older, teenaged version in Voyage vs his more insecure self in PC. One of the Narnian characters we get to know the best

6. Reepicheep - his talks of valour and honour are not just for show -- he lives them and doesn't look silly doing it either. Like Lucy, I would love to hold him and stroke his fur

7.Puzzle - I always feel sorry for him and how he gets dragged into the scheme against his will and is too stupid to know he could have stood up for himself. He means well and is cute and sweet.

8.Jewel - just being a unicorn gets him on this list. Loyal and true to the end

9. Tirian - the last king makes him memorable. I love his zeal for the truth and love for his people. The kind of leader you'd want in a hopeless situation

10. Aravis - spunky and proof you are more than your upbringing. She longs for something more and that is something we can identify with. And it's her being humbled from a place of conceit that lets her end up married to a prince/future King. ;)

I guess Aslan should have been on my list but as a character he is not very interesting. But Narnia would not be anything without him.

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Posted : June 21, 2020 8:27 am
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In no particular order:

Lucy -- I can't say I'm much like Lucy, but I admire her faith and sense of adventure! Very inspiring.

Edmund -- I really enjoyed seeing Edmund's character growth. I think he's the most interesting and developed of the Pevensies. I especially liked seeing him in "Horse and His Boy," and how much he had matured.

Peter -- So I didn't really identify with Peter when I first read the books or saw the films. I was an 11 year old girl, so I naturally gravitated to Susan as the one whom I shared the most traits with. However, once I grew up I realized Susan is a bit of a bore =)) I identify with Peter's willingness to take responsibility and lead the rest of the children, as well as his bravery.
(Funny that I liked Susan best on my first read as a child, but now she doesn't even make it into the list!)

Puddleglum -- I'm very much a pessimist, and I just can't bring myself to look on the bright side. But I like how Puddleglum sees the negative, accepts it, and does the right thing anyways. Now that is an attitude I can get behind! I also love his speech at the end of SC. Very inspiring.

Aravis -- I admire her courage! I always thought she was a cool character, and I wanted to be a bit more like her (although not so arrogant!)

Jill - I could identify with her struggles
Digory - I just sympathized with his character from the beginning because of his mother's situation!
Polly - I like her good sense!
Shasta - Admired his bravery at the end, and I found him relatable.
Jadis- Just a cool villain!

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Posted : June 21, 2020 8:27 am
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1. Puddleglum
2. Shasta
3. Reepicheep
4. Bree
5. Edmund
6. Aslan
7. The Lady of the Green Kirtle
8. Lucy
9. Eustace
10. Caspian X

Posted : June 21, 2020 8:27 am
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1. Caspian
2. Digory
3. Shasta
4. Edmund
5. Tirian
6. Puddleglum
7. Reepicheep
8. Jill
9. Eustace
(No particular order to this one. I'd love to go into further details, but I'd be here all day if I did... 8-| )

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Posted : June 21, 2020 8:27 am
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1. Edmund -- when I first read the books, Lucy was my favorite character, but over time it has changed to Edmund.  Why, exactly?  Because I love how he changes from the being what he is at the beginning to the end.  I especially like seeing him in Horse and His Boy, right after the change has taken place.

2. Aravis -- I admire her courage and the way she never backs down

3. Lucy -- She definitely has her flaws, but she has faith.  She always believes in Aslan.

4. Reepicheep -- I love his loyalty to Aslan... And he is just such a fun character!

5. Jill -- She struggles throughout most of The Silver Chair, but she learns a lot, and is stronger when she comes back in Last Battle

6. Jewel -- He's a unicorn!

7. Bree -- He longs to be back in Narnia

8. Peter -- He is loyal, and a good older brother

9. Digory -- He's one of the first humans in Narnia, very important to the chronicles

10. Puzzle -- I really feel bad for him

Posted : June 22, 2020 9:33 am
King Z of Archenland
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This is my list:

     Lucy- She was the one who discovered Narnia (besides Diggory and Polly, who were there when it was created) and without her a lot of these stories wouldn’t have happened. Her faith in Aslan is incredible, and she is a great role model.


     Aslan- I think this is pretty self explanatory, but I love his fatherly tone toward Lucy. But like a father, he tells her what she did wrong. He also created Narnia.


     Edmund- Edmund is my 3rd favorite character because he went from being very snarky and rude to being a hero. I love his redemptive story.


      Cor/Shasta- I just think he is a great character. He is so determined to see Narnia. I admire him because he was able to travel through a desert and alert a kingdom. If he wasn’t there, Archenland would have been annihilated.


      High King Peter- Peter is my 5th favorite character because he is the High King. He was so brave. He went to a new world and fought the White Witch for people he barely knew.


      Eustace- I like Eustace because he is pretty similar to Edmund. Basically the same reasons.


      Caspian- My 6th favorite character is Caspian. I think he is a great and interesting person. I like how he realizes what the Telmarines have done, and he realizes that he has to be the one to fix those mistakes. I like the adventures he goes on with Pevensies, too!


       King Frank and Queen Helen- I’ve always had this secret admiration for King Frank and Queen Helen. I think that they are great characters because of their strong faith in Aslan. They had to go to Narnia, leave everything behind in our world, and basically set up a system in Narnia that would work. And they did. I think that these characters are really underrated.


      Puddleglum- I chose Puddleglum for my 9th person. I think he was very strong. He was the one who saved Eustace, Jill, and Prince Rillian. Although he looks on the bad side of things, he is awesome.


     Jadis- I put Jadis 10th on my list because she is a good character and has an interesting backstory. I think C.S. Lewis did an excellent job at fleshing out her character. She is ruthless and will do anything for her own gain.


Posted : July 2, 2020 6:22 pm
The Wandering, Wild & Welcoming Winged Wolf Hospitality Committee

1) Bree - who doesn't love a talking horse?  Even one so haughty as Bree.  He is hilarious and I love his arc.  

2) Lucy - I feel I relate to her the most, honestly.  I'm the youngest of 3 (two half-brothers) and growing up in school I was a bit of an outcast yet there were also topics I was really passionate about.  Sometimes, I felt no one would listen when I was trying to say something important, just like how no one seems to believe Lucy about Narnia or seeing Aslan.  Also I love fantasy and magic and I have her fighting spirit and a willingness to believe in more than just what I can see 😛

3) Aslan - he is the High King.... He isn't tame, but he is good.  I love that you fear him, but love him at the same time... 

4) Shasta/Cor - I love his story arc.  Also I relate a lot with him too, always asking questions and always longing to go north, past the desert and over the mountains.

5) Peter - He is noble and exemplifies the qualities of a great leader.

6) Reepicheep - A sword wielding mouse, with an adventurer's heart... I love him cuz he has much more spirit than one would assume a mouse would have.

7) Moonwood the Hare - sometimes it's the characters we don't meet that catch our attention.  As a rabbit lover, I really appreciate that a lagomorph was so important to Narnian legend and history.

8) Jewel - I just love his demeanor and noble heart as well as his loyalty to Tirian. (Plus he's a unicorn.)

9) Patterwig - talking squirrel... squirrels and I have a long history 😛

10) Puddleglum - I like that he always prepares for the worst, yet he never gives up on the best and always believes he should do what is right.

This was exceedingly hard to order by the way... I think I got it down to the greatest degree of accurateness, but it will likely be different tomorrow 😛  Honorable mentions go to Swallowpad, Maugrim, Fledge, Swanwhite, Tumnus, the Beavers, Hwin, and Glimfeather.

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Posted : July 7, 2020 6:10 am
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1.- Puddlegum: he's pesimist just like me Giggle he is very funny though (at least in spanish he sounds very funny)

2.- Rilian: i felt really bad for him because he must have been through a lot for being captive that long and the loss of his mom 🙁 It's something that it may be a bit overlooked? but it is actually very sad if you think about ALL the suffering he must've been through and constantly missing Narnia and his family. 

3.- Jill Pole: I've never thought why I like Jill. I "connected" with her i guess hahaha Also, she is very brave. I look forward to see her like some "warrior" character on screen in the future.

4.- Reepicheep: He's brave and he's cute(good thing he's only a fictional character and can't hear me Shhhh ) What else do you need? 

5.- Caspian: I like how he wasn't attached to Telmarines just for being one of them and decided to fight for Narnian creatures instead. 

6.- Wimbleweather: he tried hard when fighting against Telmarines. I cried rivers when I read how bad he felt for not being clever, crying because of what happened and getting no comfort from any creature Crying Crying since then, i love him so much

7.- Aravis: I have a thing for characters that run away from his origins when they are not comfortable and try to find their own home xD

8.- Trufflehunter: Maybe I like him because he gave Caspian a chance 🤣 

9.- Jewel: he's a very unique and special creature in Narnia 

10.- Susan: the scepticism about Narnia at first is something I might easily relate with Susan if happened to me. And how she tries to suggest the more logical things. But since I saw the Disney movies before reading the books, I can't deny that I may like her because of what I saw in the movies more than for what I read in the books. 


This was harder than I thought. 

Posted : July 29, 2020 11:22 am
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