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[Sticky] Favorite Narnian character  

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As you get to know the characters in Narnia, you are likely to get some favorites amongst them.

Some villains are more impressive than others, some heroes are greater than others, and some characters are simply more interesting than the rest.

We are only interested in the BOOK VERSIONS here, so characters from just the movies do not count.

Let us know some of your favorites in Narnia - and explain why you have chosen them:

1. Favorite Narnian Villain:

2. Favorite Non-human Narnian:

3. Favorite Narnian female:

4. Favorite Narnian male:


If you change your mind later, you can always come back and edit your post. 

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Posted : June 21, 2020 7:44 am
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Oh wow... where do I start?  I love Aslan, but I'm not going to count him here because of the word "Narnian".  He created Narnia (and the rest of that world, and some would say all worlds) so he's not technically Narnian.  That and I know he's a lot of people's favorites, so I'll let them echo my feelings about how awesome Aslan is. 🙂

So 2 and 4 are, obviously, Reepicheep.  Big shock. 😀  He's a very real character, despite being a talking mouse.  He's a butt-kicking swashbuckling hero (which is why I loved him as a kid).  But he's not just some generic 1-dimensional cookie-cutter good-guy.  He has his flaws; honor and dignity probably meant more to him than they should have (though between his height and his status as a Knight of Narnia, this makes sense).  And he has his dreams; he really, REALLY wanted to see Aslan's Country (and I don't blame him).  There are many other Narnian male non-human characters I like (Puddleglum, Mr. Beaver, Caspian, Bree, Rillian and so on) but Reepicheep is definitely my favorite.

Now 3 (favorite Narnian female) is a lot harder, because most of my favorite Narnians were dudes.  I guess I would have to say Lucy.  She was kind, brave, and never lost faith in Aslan, I especially like how Lewis expanded on her character in VDT.  And of course, most people's first experience in Narnia (whether through the book or a movie) was by following her through the wardrobe.  I can't think of any other female character I like more.

And last and least, 1 (favorite Narnian villain) would of course have to go to the White Witch.  Anyone who has read other posts of mine will already know my thoughts on the subject.  Part of me wants to give it to the other witch in the Silver Chair (kind of cooler than the White Witch, since everything about her is so mysterious), or even Prince Rabadash (who still gives me a good laugh every time I think of him).  But there's really no contest.

Anyway, great topic!  Any others? 🙂

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Posted : February 5, 2021 9:15 pm