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[Closed] Bad and Good Ideas for The Last Battle movie

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While The Last Battle movie is bit of a long way off, we're not even certain what direction it will go in. Chances are, this will be a two part movie. We can even think of what we hope to see and what we don't want to see. Plus, there are chances of the ones we think are bad ideas will end up happening anyways.

Here's my list of I don't want to happen in The Last Battle-

1. Changes for the wrong reason- I expect that there will be changes, because filmmakers that try to adapt a book into a movie change stuff all the time. If there are changes, it has to make it work within the plot. They could add where the seven friends of Narnia (Digory, Polly, Peter, Edmund, Lucy, Eustace, and Jill), gathering together and talk about their times in Narnia. I think it would be great, because in the book, we hardly spend our time on Earth. In the BBC Radio 4 Drama adaptation, it didn't start like it does in the book, where Shift and Puzzle find the lion skin and Shift talks Puzzle into pretending to be Aslan. It started where Rishda was praying to Tash and the Tisroc was bestowing blessings of Tash on Rishda, and the Calormenes head to Narnia. I'd be fine if they wanted to add that. But if there are changes for the wrong reason, then no.

2. Epic climatic battle- You could argue that the climax is the Battle of Stable Hill or when Tirian and Rishda are in the stable and Tash shows up or when Aslan brings an end to the world to Narnia (unless there's multiple climaxes). But there doesn't need to be like an action scene where Tirian, Eustace, and Jill, disguised as Calormenes, rescue Jewel and Puzzle from the Stable. Plenty of action when Tirian and Eustace fight the Calormenes to free the dwarfs, one of them being Poggin, and the Battle of Stable Hill. And no need for an epic climatic battle with Tash in the Stable. Since The Last Battle is about the world of Narnia coming to an end, there's no need to be a plot about saving the world.

3. Romance-  There's a possibility that they would come up with an idea of a love triangle with Tirian, Eustace and Jill. It may be that Tirian and Eustace both take a liking to Jill, and she has to decide to between the two. Then Rishda trying figure out a way to break up the love triangle so he could be with Jill. Isn't about time that the plot is about deep friendship? No need for a love triangle and some villain trying to find a way to break them up within the plot.

Now here are what I hope to see in The Last Battle-

1. Emeth's Encounter With Aslan- While I think this can be easily cut out, I would love to see it. I think it would be such a powerful moment. I'd love to see the contrast between Rishda and Emeth, who are the only two Calormenes who are named in The Last Battle. Rishda has been calling on Tash even though he doesn't believe in Tash or any of the supernatural; Emeth says that he's been serving Tash out of love and devotion all his life, but doesn't know he has been serving Aslan. I would love to see this moment.

2. Tirian and Jewel's close friendship- I think it'd be great to see such a tender and warm friendship between the last king of Narnia and the unicorn. The book even says that they loved each other love brothers. It would be so much like the friendship between Frodo and Sam and even the friendship between Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli in Lord of the Rings. It would be such a deep friendship between those two, and how they loved each other even to the end. There doesn't have to be a romantic relationship involved in the plot. It can just be about deep friendship.

3. Reunion of Lucy and Mr. Tumnus- Much like Emeth's encounter with Aslan, I think where Lucy and Mr. Tumnus are together again can easily be cut out. I think it would be great to see those two again, like it was started with The Lion, The Witch, and the the Wardrobe. And even see all the characters from Narnia's past coming together. I'm not certain if they're going to go in publication order or chronological order. Either way, I would love to see Mr. Tumnus and Lucy having an reunion.

What do you hope to see in The Last Battle? What you don't want to happen?

"And this is the marvel of marvels, that he called me beloved."
(Emeth, The Last Battle)

Topic starter Posted : October 8, 2021 4:45 pm
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I would like to see the following in the film:

1. A great battle near the end. 

2. King Tirian and Jewel's relationship well developed 

3. A return of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy on the screen. 

4. A glorious ending of the Narnians going into Aslan's country. 

Posted : October 23, 2021 7:58 pm
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Locking this thread in favor of Hopes and Fears of What Will Happen in Narnia Movies — please post any concerns about future adaptations of The Last Battle there instead. Thanks!

Posted : November 7, 2021 5:13 pm
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