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Does Ramandu's Daughter need a name in Netflix's Narnia? Should it be different from Lilliandil?  

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Col Klink
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Posted by: @reepi

It still makes no sense to me how they never even called Dr. Cornelius by name in PC but felt the need to come up with a name for Ramandu's daughter just so she could say "I am Lilliandil" as the only time that name is even mentioned in the film.

LOL. Well, Dr. Cornelius is never introduced to people who don't know him in the PC movie. Ramandu's Daughter is.

I think it's silly to say that we should accept the name, Lilliandil, as canon because Douglas Gresham invented. I mean I know he's the head of the C.S. Lewis Estate but that doesn't make him C.S. Lewis. That being said, I really like the name. It sounds like it comes from the same language as "Ramandu" does but it's not super obvious like Ramandua or Ramanduette. It doesn't even cheat by beginning with an R. 

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Posted : June 22, 2020 7:11 am
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I think I'm in that rare camp that says no, she doesn't need a name (though I love the Caspian face-palm idea!  I would be too, if I met someone like her and never even asked for her name).  In VDT, she gives a bit of exposition and flirts with Caspian a bit (sort of - that whole line about dissolving the enchantment before he can kiss the princess, if that counts).  And in SC she's dead.  Obviously, if they're planning to expand the story, then that changes things (I love that idea about Rillian as a kid lol).  But for VDT and SC, I don't think it's necessary.

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Posted : June 23, 2020 7:42 pm
The Rose-Tree Dryad
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@Geekicheep, I remember back when they had the "Name the Lady of the Green Kirtle" sweepstakes, something that came up in discussions was that giving her a name took away some of her mythic power. I think "The Star's Daughter" or "The Daughter of Ramandu" is probably more evocative than just about any given name, and I really like how RD is a very mythic character in VDT and SC, like someone who stepped out of an old legend. Even though I think it probably wouldn't be practical for her to go unnamed in a longer television adaptation, I would still prefer that she is usually called "Lady" or "the Queen's grace" rather than whatever name they come up with, because of the deference she inspires.

No one had yet spoken a word. Then—Reepicheep first, and Caspian next—they all rose to their feet, because they felt that she was a great lady.

IIRC, none of the travellers ever address her as "Lady" or "Madam" in the 2010 movie, unlike the book. Sigh

I'd also prefer that they reveal her name somewhere other than "I am Liliandil, Daughter of Ramandu" ... in the book, she doesn't introduce herself at all, because at that moment her identity isn't the focus — the mystery of Aslan's Table is, and the mystery of the girl who meets them only adds to that atmosphere.

Maybe instead they could have Caspian ask for her name before he leaves, to show that he is interested in her on a personal level... although I hope he still calls her Lady, like he does at the end of chapter fourteen.

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Posted : July 9, 2020 4:48 pm
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I don't think she needs a name since it isn't given in the book.  Ramandu should appear in the series as the retired star, which unfortunately the creators omitted in the big screen movie.  He is one of the most interesting characters in Voyage of the Dawn Treader even though his appearance was very brief. I especially liked the scene with the birds giving him fire-berries so that he becomes a little younger each day.  The scene should be included in any audio or film version of Narnia simply because it is so beautiful.  It is in the BBC Narnia and in the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. Smile  

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Posted : July 10, 2020 12:16 pm
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If it were up to me, Ramandu's Daughter would be "Joy". 🙂 I would only have her tell Caspian her name once in VDT, and in SC she would just be The Queen. Feel free to interpret it as you wish, but joy is a loaded name & word for Narnia, especially when you bring Mr. Gresham - and Silver Chair - to the discussion. 

So: Lady of the Green Kirtle - a corrupt nyad of some underground spring - rises to the surface and kill's Narnia's joy in order to take it over ounce greatly weakened, and IS ULTIMATELY defeated by joy's sun. p


Posted : July 18, 2020 1:19 pm
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