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This is where you can discuss what Narnia actors roles outside of the Narnia movies, series, audio dramas, etc. You may also discuss their media appearances. Please post warnings if linking to a website that has content which is not family friendly. See the rules thread for more info.

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NW sister to Movie Aristotle & daughter of the King

Topic starter Posted : June 7, 2020 2:09 pm
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I love the Narnia films and The Conjuring films, and I wanted to say how amazing Anna was in The Nun sequel! Just saw it today, and with it being a bit of a throwback period film it gave me slight Narnia vibes in the set design and in the acting, except set a bit later in the 1950s. It got me thinking about how much I would love to see her and the other actors come back for Netflix's Narnia films as adults!

Posted : September 8, 2023 9:13 pm