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[Sticky] Entering the Wardrobe: The Chronicles of NarniaWeb Timeline

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Welcome to the new NarniaWeb History thread! Smile   Here you will find a timeline of events in NarniaWeb history and memorable quotes. Please let us know if you have suggestions about items you would like to see included. If you would like your join date (or any other significant NWeb-related date) added to the timeline, please post in this thread. Moderators will edit the timeline as soon as they are able.

"The World Wide Web is a big universe, but NarniaWebbers seem to all be from a specific constellation." --Cymru

"But it is equally true of NarniaWeb- the kind expressions of encouragement and prayer are deeply appreciated, and speak volumes about the caliber of of the community here." --stargazer

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NarniaWeb Timeline
November 21, 2003: Tirian opens the NarniaWeb forum!
John of Into The Wardrobe asked a NZ forum member in late 2003 to collect articles and news about upcoming LWW filming in NZ. She had gathered a number of items for using on ITW, when John emailed to let her know that he wasn't going to run LWW Movie news after all, because one of the other members was starting a website especially for it. [After a couple of months an online friend recommended she join NarniaWeb. She lurked briefly, then joined. Coracle became a mod a few weeks later!]
December 5, 2003: Eustace et Peccator (then kaleb70) joins NarniaWeb

January 15, 2004 - March 31, 2004 The Magician's Nephew reading group led by eowynchild
January 30th 2004: Earel Alquawen joins NarniaWeb
February 6th 2004: fantasia_kitty joins NarniaWeb
February 10th 2004: coracle joins NarniaWeb
February 13th 2004: alora-lindea joins NarniaWeb
February 19th 2004: Stylteralmaldo joins NarniaWeb
February 26th, 2004: starkat joins NarniaWeb
March 1st 2004: coracle joins the moderating staff
March 9th 2004: Dr. Elwin Ransom joins NarniaWeb
March 15th 2004: EtJ joins NarniaWeb (as EdmundtheJust; his name is later changed)
March 28th 2004: stargazer joins NarniaWeb
April 1 2004 - July 2, 2004 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe reading group led by fantasia_kitty & Justin Orman
April 2nd 2004: lysander joins NarniaWeb
May 14th 2004: Glumpuddle joins NarniaWeb (as glumPuddle; capitalization later changed)
June 19th 2004: Smooshy joins NarniaWeb
June 26, 2004: fantasia_kitty joins the moderating staff
June 30, 2004: peterpevensie joins NarniaWeb
July 12th 2004: coraline joins NarniaWeb
July 16th 2004: Clipsie joins NarniaWeb (as Dooby; her name is later changed)
July 16th 2004: Cymru joins NarniaWeb
July 19th 2004: suchwascharn joins NarniaWeb
July 7, 2004 - August 19, 2004 Prince Caspian reading group led by starkat and Shieldmaiden
September 30th 2004: Wyntre_Rose joins NarniaWeb
October 15, 2004: SilverChair joins NarniaWeb
October 20, 2004 - February 2, 2005 Voyage of the Dawn Treader reading group led by coraline and Earel Alquawen

Ditto Town history:
Ditto Town got its name from a thread where people were allowed to say just "ditto", in a sort of "you can be silly here" thread, very early on. On the rest of the threads a proper reply was expected. It quickly evolved into a club and a lighthearted rivalry between factions of "ditto" people and "original" people who were sworn to think of their own comments or ideas. A website was created for it. There were people who created names and identities for themselves within the Ditto world, including the (long running) president. In 2004, it was given its own forum on NarniaWeb.

January 15, 2005: cepault joins NarniaWeb (name later changed to ceppault)
March 2, 2005: PrincessRosario joins NarniaWeb
March 6, 2005: Warrior 4 Jesus joins NarniaWeb
March 11, 2005: stardf29 joins NarniaWeb
March 15, 2005: peterpevensie becomes a member of the Welcoming Committee
March 29th 2005: DiGoRyKiRkE joins NarniaWeb
April 11, 2005 - June 7, 2005 Silver Chair reading group led by alora-lindea and Wyntre_Rose
April 2005: Earel Alquawen becomes a mod of Spare Oom
April 30th, 2005: narnialover101 joins Narniaweb
May 9th 2005: shastastwin joins NarniaWeb
May 25th 2005: Glumpuddle becomes news poster
June 1st 2005: wisewoman joins NarniaWeb
June 8th, 2005: Queen Susan joins NarniaWeb
June 21st 2005: ramagut joins NarniaWeb
June 28th 2005: TheBlackGlove joins NarniaWeb
July 13, 2005: Varnafinde joins NarniaWeb
August 2005: DiGoRyKiRkE becomes a member of the Welcoming Committee
September 10, 2005: Princess Anna joins NarniaWeb
October 6th, 2005: Meltintalle joins NarniaWeb
October 10, 2005: PrincessRosario becomes a member of the Birthday Committee
October 2005: with LWW only months away, the forum grew quickly and the SO became harder to navigate due to lots of individual threads for movies, etc. We began discussing what has since become the general movie and book threads we have now.
November 3, 2005: fantasia_kitty becomes an administrator
November 30, 2005: Shadowlander joins NarniaWeb
December 4, 2005: stargazer becomes a mod of Narnia and Christianity (with Cymru and Stylteralmaldo); alora-lindea becomes a mod of Talk About Narnia; stardf29 becomes a mod of Casting Discussion
December 2005: launch of the first Spoiler-Free Monastery, led by Father Ransom and Mother Rosario. Other incidents of note would be the sleepover/hide and seek thread in the SO; the refined assemblage, the James Herriot conspiracy in the Books! thread where we would write read Herriot in blue, or bold certain letters in the post text...
December 9, 2005: With the opening of LWW, the tradition of the Lion Party began! Lion Parties were held all over the world.
Dec 12, 2005: General Oreius joins NarniaWeb

During the time period from December 9th 2005 Probably until Mid/late January 2006, the forum had its biggest growth rate in history. The welcoming committee really earned a lot of cool points back then, because they were welcoming upwards of 25 people per DAY.

Also during this time, the old "Senior Moderator/Community Moderator" distinction was removed, and the current "Forum Moderator/Moderator Emeritus" distinction was implemented.

January 12, 2006 - April 8, 2006 Horse and His Boy reading group led by lysander and Smooshy
January 13, 2006-- Valiant_Lucy joins NarniaWeb.
February 2006: DiGoRyKiRkE becomes a mod of G&B
April 2006: News story for Camp NarniaWeb. Here is the the podcast.
May 7, 2006 - August 27, 2006 Last Battle reading group led by Dr. Elwin Ransom and suchwascharn
June 13, 2006: Orious joins NarniaWeb
July 25, 2006: PrincessRosario becomes a mod of the Spare Oom
August 16, 2006: Princess Anna becomes a mod of Ditto Town
September 30th 2006: Bookwyrm joins NarniaWeb
Oct 15, 2006: hungariannarnian (formerly hungarianarnia) joins NarniaWeb
December 18, 2006: ForeverFan joins NarniaWeb
December 2006: The Merchandise forum was formed with Earel Alquawen and suchwascharn as moderators

January 05, 2007: Wunderkind_Lucy joins NarniaWeb
February 2, 2007 - April 16, 2007 The second Magician's Nephew reading group is led by BERNINBUSH and Leuthilalda
February 6th 2007: johobbit joins NarniaWeb
February 28, 2007: Bartholmew joins NarniaWeb
April 1st, 2007: Several phony casting announcements for Prince Caspian go up for April Fool's day. These include Mr. T as Reepicheep and Rupert Grint as Trumpkin. A notable joke announcement was that Susan and Caspian would have a romance in the movie.
May 16th, 2007: ValiantArcher joins NarniaWeb
Spring 2007: DiGoRyKiRkE becomes a mod of Fan Art
Sometime in 2007 or 2008 ramagut joins ceppault modding Prayer Requests
August 10, 2007 - October 1, 2007 The second The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe reading group is led by Bookwyrm and shastastwin
October 23, 2007: mm1991 joins NarniaWeb
December 4, 2007: Aslans_Jewel joins NarniaWeb

January 17, 2008 - May 6, 2008 The second Horse and His Boy reading group is led by johobbit and wisewoman
January 2008: Meltintalle becomes a mod of Costumes
January 2008: johobbit becomes a mod of the Spare Oom and Narnian Merchandise
February 22, 2008: GlimGlum joins NarniaWeb
March 10, 2008: MinotaurforAslan joins NarniaWeb
March 12, 2008: Eustace joins NarniaWeb
March 19, 2008: Narnia_Fan12 joins NarniaWeb
March 28, 2008: narnianerd joins NarniaWeb
May 2, 2008: Nellie of Narnia joins NarniaWeb
May 15, 2008: Mod Appreciation Day
May 18, 2008: Windsong joins NarniaWeb
May 21, 2008: Narnian_Badger joins NarniaWeb
May 28, 2008: Miss Rosario joins NarniaWeb
May 30, 2008: georgiefan1 joins NarniaWeb
May 2008: Lion Parties held all over the world.

The Prince Caspian Growth Boom was about half of the previous surge (around 14 people per day) from mid May to mid June 2008.

June 19, 2008: ValiantArcher joins the Birthday Committee.
June 20-22, 2008: LionCon 2008 in La Mirada, CA--board member and attendees included Tirian and mods and members from, and
July 3, 2008 - January 4, 2009 The second Prince Caspian reading group is led by EtJ and TheBlackGlove. Followed shortly by their moderator appointments.
August 22, 2008: Liberty Hoffman joins NarniaWeb.
August 24, 2008: IloveFauns joins NarniaWeb.
September 9, 2008: TheGentleWarrior joins NarniaWeb.
October 25, 2008: SnowAngel joings NarniaWeb.
December 2008: DiGoRyKiRkE steps down as a mod of G&B

January 12, 2009: Movie Aristotle joins NarniaWeb
Mar 16, 2009: humdedum joins NarniaWeb
April 1, 2009: BarnesWeb -- We dedicate the site to the beautiful Ben Barnes and allow the fangirls free rein for the day. The mods were divided: join the masses, or try to stay true to the NarniaWeb ideals.
April 2009: GlimGlum becomes a mod of CCD.
May 13 2009 - September 3 2009 Reading Group: Are The Chronicles of Narnia Sexist and Racist?
May 15, 2009: 2nd Annual Mod Appreciation Day
May 16, 2009: Pattertwigs_Pal joins NarniaWeb
June 16, 2009: ValiantArcher becomes a mod of Games & Blogs
July 2009: johobbit takes charge of the Welcoming Committee
July 11, 2009: NarniaWebbers meet in Kansas City for the Narnia Exhibition
August 27, 2009-- Valiant_Lucy becomes a moderator.
September 4, 2009: The Great Forum change-over -- Rest in Peace, Old Forum! The 10,000+ members of the old forum needed to transfer over their accounts, which whittled down our members to less than 1,000.
September 5, 2009: malkah joins Narniaweb
September 10, 2009: stardf29 steps down as a Talk about Narnia mod and takes Emeritus status
September 22, 2009: daughter of the King joins NarniaWeb
October 26, 2009: wild rose joins NarniaWeb
November 3, 2009: De_De joins NarniaWeb
November 10, 2009: Fire Fairy joins NarniaWeb
November 20, 2009: Puddleglum joins NarniaWeb
2009: ramagut moves to Games & Blogs
December 28, 2009: wolfloversk joins NarniaWeb

January 2010: DiGoRyKiRkE moves from Fan Art to Talk About Narnia
March 12, 2010: narnia fan 7 joins NarniaWeb
March 18, 2010: The 1000th member Aravis Autarkeia joined the New forum
April 1, 2010: – It was announced that the Spare Oom was going down to four threads. Demeter aka ValiantArcher acted as a mediator between the Members and Mods. Members offered sacrifices to her and mentioned when they had eaten large bowls of cereal. There were also characters from Alice in Wonderland running around.
May 15, 2010: 3rd Annual Mod Appreciation Day
May 16, 2010: Member Appreciation Day
May 21, 2010: MountainFireflower joins NarniaWeb
June 3, 2010: Sheroo of Stormness Head joins NarniaWeb
June 24, 2010 – October 16, 2010 The Till We Have Faces Reading Group. Led by DiGoRyKiRkE and Wisewoman
July 19, 2010: Ithilwen joins NarniaWeb
September 7, 2010: Pattertwigs Pal joins the Birthday Committee
October 2010 – Spoiler Wars begin. Members are offered three choices The League of Extraordinarily Spoiled Rotten Masterminds, The Order of the Spoiler Free Monastery, and the Pilgrims of the Middle Way.
October 22, 2010 – January 11, 2011 Reading Group: Seven Discussion Points From 'Dawn Treader'
Fall/winter 2010: ramagut moderated the VotDT Lion Party forum
Dec 03, 2010: Lucy of Narnia joins NarniaWeb
December 2010: Voyage of the Dawn Treader was released and many NarniaWebbers attended Lion Parties.

The member boom for Voyage was about half of the one for Prince Caspian (about 5-7 people per day) from mid December until about Christmas 2010.

March 24, 2011 – MountainFireflower and Pattertwigs Pal become mods of Cast and Character Discussion.
April 1, 2011: Mods from Rent-a-Mod Incorporated are hired to watch the forum while the NW mods are on vacation. However, the rent-a-mods do not want to leave. They take over the forum and the mods’ “vacation” turns out different than they expected. NW moderators are tough and manage to survive the ordeal and reclaim the forum.
April 4, 2011: wolfloversk joins the Welcoming Committee
May 16, 2011: 2nd Annual Member Appreciation Day
June 15, 2011: 4th Annual Mod Appreciation Day
June 30, 2011: daughter of the King becomes a mod in GMD
August 5, 2011: malkah becomes a mod in G&B
August 22, 2011: MountainFireflower becomes a mod in G&B after EtJ steps down to Emeritus.
August 27, 2011: After precisely two years, Valiant_Lucy steps down to Emeritus.
September 30, 2011: jillpole1 joins NarniaWeb
October 3, 2011: Nellie of Narnia joins the Birthday Committee
October 24, 2011: Pattertwigs Pal becomes a mod in Narnia and Christianity after Dr.Elwin Ransom steps down.

January 1, 2012 - The Screwtape Letters Reading Group begins, moderated by Pattertwigs Pal and Meltintalle.
January 27, 2012: AstroWolfD joins NarniaWeb.
February 2012: MountainFireflower steps down as mod in G&B
February 11, 2012: Pattertwigs Pal steps down as mod in Narnia and Christianity and Lady Arwen takes over the section.
February 18, 2012: 123asdb joins NarniaWeb
March 14, 2012: NarnianMonkey joins NarniaWeb
April 1, 2012: The forum is turned into a Tolkien site, renamed HobbitWeb with completely-Tolkien themed threads and moderators. Memories of that day include wonderful conversation amidst LotR/The Hobbit characters, fun Tolkien-themed games, and a plethora of duplicate accounts created by members.
May 16, 2012: The third annual Member Appreciation Day. The NarniaWeb History thread is opened as a gift to the members.
May 26, 2012: 5th annual Mod Appreciation Day
June 12, 2012: NarniaLullaby joins NarniaWeb
July 2012: The month long NarniaWeb Tournament begins. The Lone Island Dragons battled against the Dancing Lawn Lions. The Marshals of the Lists are Malkah, ValiantArcher, Pattertwigs Pal and DiGoRyKiRkE. The Dancing Lawn Lions win the tournament.
August 9, 2012: Narnian_Badger joins the Welcoming Committee
September 15, 2012 The Hobbit Reading Group begins. (Discussion started September 22). Pattertwigs Pal, coracle, Lady Arwen are the moderators.
November 9, 2012: girlster93 joins NarniaWeb
November 10, 2012: SnowAngel joins the Birthday Committee
December 15, 2012: the Kansas Hobbit Party!
December 26, 2012: AstroWolfD joins the Welcoming Committee

January 3, 2013: The Narnia and Christianity section is revamped and expanded into a general C.S. Lewis section entitled The Man Behind the Wardrobe
March 19, 2013: 6th annual Mod Appreciation Day
April 1, 2013: The Joker kidnaps the mods. Lois Lane sets up a source center to collect information. Superheros start converging on the forum and set up a hideout. The moderators were finally rescued by the super heroes and a few daring members.
April 21, 2013: jewel joins NarniaWeb
May 16, 2013: Fourth annual Member Appreciation Day.
October 5, 2013: Impending Doom joins NarniaWeb

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NarniaWeb Timeline - Part 2
In honor of NarniaWeb's 10th Birtday, I am starting a new timeline post.

November 21, 2013: NarniaWeb celebrates its 10th Anniversary. View the festivities.
December 2, 2013: wild rose becomes a mod of Narnian Fan Art.

July 28, 2019: narnianreturned joins NarniaWeb (although she was around on the old forum over a decade ago :) )
August 4, 2019: Geekicheep joins NarniaWeb


December 7, 2021: Jasmine joins NarniaWeb

NW sister to Movie Aristotle & daughter of the King

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What happens to the Narniaweb Encylopedia of Narnia characters? I enjoyed reading from it. 

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