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[Sticky] Getting to Know You!  

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Welcome to all who have joined or returned recently! Wave It is good to have each of you here. Smile  

Perla, we have had a few non-native English speakers here over the years, and you are most welcome. Smile Your English is very good! And I love the Spanish name "Perla" for Jewel - beautiful!

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Posted : June 24, 2020 6:49 pm
The Wandering, Wild & Welcoming Winged Wolf Hospitality Committee

Welcome Perla!  The origin of your username is really cool!  I used to be the opposite of you actually, my native language is English, but I studied Spanish for 7 years.  I haven't used it in a long time though, so it's hard for me to speak it now even though I was fairly good at it 10 yrs ago (not quite fluent, but not that far away).  I'd love to take it up again... I love learning about different languages (I also studied German for 2 years).  Your English is really good!  I wouldn't have guessed that you are not a native speaker if you hadn't mentioned.  Also, I've been using it my whole life and I still don't know where to put a comma half of the time. 😛 

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Posted : June 29, 2020 1:28 am
The Rose-Tree Dryad
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A belated welcome to you, @Perla! Wave

I agree with Wolfy; your English is very good. We've had more international members sign up in the past year or so; I think forums are a nice gathering space for worldwide fan communities because the conversation is often a bit slower-paced. Smile

And wow, that's so interesting about Jewel's name being Pearl in the Spanish translation! I had never thought about that before. It really makes me wonder what some if some of other "word" names in Narnia, like Puddleglum or Glenstorm, have interesting translations in other languages.

(It also makes me think that if Netflix introduces any new unicorn characters in their Narnia adaptation, they should be named Pearl or something like that!)

Anyway, hope you enjoy exploring the community and the world of Narnia! If you have any questions about how to use the forum, feel free to ask. Smile

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Posted : June 29, 2020 3:45 pm
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