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[Sticky] Introduction to the Professor's Library

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Welcome to the NarniaWeb Professor's Library Forum! This forum is designed to take an in depth look at books. In that respect, it will be similar to the reading groups. However, instead of going chapter by chapter, there will be one thread for the whole book. Participants are invited to read through the book at their own speed and post thoughts as they read or to post at the end. Each thread will be open for one year. There will always be one book by C.S. Lewis open for discussion. Books by other authors will also be discussed. Each month a new thread can be opened.

The rules:

1. If you would like to suggest a book for discussion, PM the forum moderator. You will be told when you can open the thread.

2. The moderators have the right to decide a book is inappropriate for the forum.

3. Use spoilers and identify the section of the book you are writing about

Chapter 1
This is where I would write about Chapter 1


4. After a year the threads will be closed, discussion can continue in the Books thread, TAN, or other relevant thread in another forum.

5. If you have questions or discussion points, please post them. You do not have to be a forum moderator or the person who started the thread.

6. Thoughts and opinions are welcome as long as they follow forum rules. If there is a part of the book you really like, post about and explain why you like it.  ex. I love the scene where Peter and Susan are talking with the Professor because of the contrast between the understanding of the world of the children and the professor. I especially like when he asks about what they teach them in these schools but I often question the curriculum of schools myself.

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