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New Narnia Lore YouTube Channel

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Posted by: @coracle

@highkingpete  It was known in the late 90s as the best Lewis site on the Net. The introduction page says it was launched in 1994. I came on about 1999, and immediately made lots of friends, had a great online support bunch, and helped coin a few jokes. I managed to attend two Moots, (we coined the term for ourselves).

I was a member of the Into the Wardrobe website from 2003 until the forums closed in 2010. I posted there under the user name Larry W. The website was always so beautifully designed. I liked the Facebook page too.  It is possible that some of the same people that were involved in the website and the Facebook page are making the YouTube channel, but I am not sure.  There is certainly a need for discussion of the Narnia books on YouTube since there already are plenty of videos about the movies. Let’s hope that the interest will continue for a long time.

Posted : June 20, 2021 3:34 am
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