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Doctor/Lord Cornelius

Lord Berne
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hello all, newbie here making his first tentative post.... 

has anyone ever wondered why Doctor/Lord Cornelius was missing at the finale in the garden at the end of Book 7? So many others were all included but he is noticeably absent. That is to say, he could of been included in the 100 heroes of the war of deliverance but not specifically named.

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere..


Lord Berne

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Hello and welcome, @lord-berne! Smile  

I must admit I'd never noticed that Doctor Cornelius wasn't mentioned in the ending of The Last Battle. I would assume, though, that this was simply an oversight on Lewis's part and not intentional. We're definitely not given any reason to believe that Cornelius ever lost his faith and trust in Aslan, especially given the absolutely vital role he plays in Prince Caspian. I'm guessing Lewis simply forgot to include him and wasn't meaning to imply anything by it!

I've just read back over that paragraph and I can think of several other characters from Prince Caspian who aren't mentioned and whom we would expect and hope would be there — Caspian's nurse in particular, as well as the Bulgy Bears, Pattertwig the Squirrel, Giant Wimbleweather, Peepiceek and all the other mice who served under Reepicheep... probably they too are all included in the "hundred other heroes of the great War of Deliverance", as I can't imagine any of them not reaching Aslan's Country either. There are a few other characters from across the series that I can think of who also aren't mentioned specifically here, such as the other six lords from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (only Berne is named), Ramandu and Coriakin (if stars also go to Aslan's Country after the world they shone on is ended!), or even minor but lovable characters like the funny Jackdaw and the kindly She-Elephant in The Magician's Nephew

Maybe Lewis figured that he'd better not try to name EVERY character from the previous books, but that young readers would assume correctly that everyone from Narnia's history who truly loved Aslan would be there in Aslan's Country. He does tell us "Everyone you had ever heard of (if you knew the history of those countries) seemed to be there", so I guess that just about covers all bases... Wink  

Hope you have a wonderful time exploring NarniaWeb!

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Posted : March 31, 2021 11:12 am
Lord Berne
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@courtenay thank you for the speedy response and warm welcome!

I also believe Cornelius's omission in the garden at the end of Book 7 was an oversight by Lewis and not intentional. I began reading the Narnia books when I was 9 y/o and have fallen in love with them again over the past 12 months of COVID lockdown.

The Cornelius commission is just something I've pondered since childhood. And having discovered this wonderful website in the past 24 hours, I figured this would be a good place to ask. Perhaps I'm just overthinking things though - as I sometimes do LOL!!

Like how the heavenly bodies Tarva & Alambil in PC are noted as planets on one page and stars on another...

All in all, I'm delighted to be here Courtenay. Could you recommend any other resources for me to follow please? I've already subscribed to the Talking Beasts podcast.

P.S; I remember stumbling onto a wonderful piece of fan fiction by someone telling the story of Caspian's wife - through her eyes. It was pure genius as it provided background material on her character and read so well. I just can't seem to find it anywhere now online. Is anyone able to point me in the direction of this tale please?

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