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Which of these awesome books is just a bit more awesome than the rest? Poll was created on Jun 21, 2020

Poll results: Which of these awesome books is just a bit more awesome than the rest?
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Poll was created on Jun 21, 2020
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (LWW)  -  votes: 0 / 0%
Prince Caspian (PC)  -  votes: 0 / 0%
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (VDT)  -  votes: 1 / 20%
The Silver Chair (SC)  -  votes: 3 / 60%
The Horse and His Boy (HHB)  -  votes: 0 / 0%
The Magician's Nephew (MN)  -  votes: 1 / 20%
The Last Battle (LB)  -  votes: 0 / 0%

[Sticky] Favorite Book (and book rankings)  

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Jonathan Paravel
Member Friend of NarniaWeb

My favourite book in the Chronicles of Narnia is The Horse and His Boy because:

The characters have a great deal of depth. They seem a bit more complex than the characters of some of the other Chronicles, in my opinion. I really admire Aravis and her strongwilled nature.

I really like the descriptions of the different lands portrayed in the book: The woods in Calormen, the city of Tashbaan (and what wonderful architecture!), the green haven where we meet a special character, and the desert.

The book makes me think about the themes of identity, destiny and Home.

Evacuating London and The Battle by Harry Gregson-Williams are some of the best film score ever written.
I too was changed when I met the Lion.

Posted : July 9, 2019 10:56 pm
NarniaWeb Guru Friend of NarniaWeb

If I absolutely HAD to choose, I'd probably say The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, simply because it was my first encounter with Narnia and the book that started it all. But I love all the other Chronicles too — each one of them has something memorable and special in it that I wouldn't want to be without — and I don't think I could bring myself to rank the rest of them!

I'm always surprised that Prince Caspian tends to rate low on people's lists, though — I've only recently revisited it and loved it as much as ever, if not more. I've never minded the big digression to tell Caspian's story in the middle of the main plot — it's a little awkward, but Lewis needed to essentially have two stories on the go at once until they intertwined, and that's the way he did it. And aside from that, I love the book's theme of a world that's lost its enchantment and how that is at last restored. I've known how that feels in my own life... ;)

"Now you are a lioness," said Aslan. "And now all Narnia will be renewed."
(Prince Caspian)

Posted : October 18, 2019 8:10 am
NarniaWeb Nut

This is a hard one because I like all of the Narnia books. I'm going to go with the Magician's Nephew for my number one favourite as I love the world building and origins of the White witch, Narnia, and the wardrobe. It sets everything up nicely for LWW.

The imagery was great too especially the dying world in contrast with the new world which would later become Narnia, I loved the characters. It's a good introduction.

1. Magician's Nephew
2. Prince Caspian
3. Voyage of Dawn Treader
4. LWW
5. The last battle
6. The horse and his boy
7. The silver chair.

If one ranks them by favourites.

It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.
–C.S. Lewis

Posted : October 18, 2019 6:18 pm
NarniaWeb Regular

Seven-way tie! Just kidding (sort of)! :D

Okay, if I absolutely had to rank them, I'd have to go with:
1. LWW
2. MN
3. SC
4. VDT
5. PC
6. HHB
7. LB

This was really, really hard! The top 3 are basically a 3-way tie, and 4-6 are also a 4-way tie. But if I had to pick a #1, it would definitely be LWW. It was the first one I read, and I've read it more than the others, and I can't say I love any of the others more. I could write a book about how much I love that book.

It's funny, because I actually found it a lot easier to pick my least favorite. And while I don't dislike the Last Battle, when I actually read the book the ending was just so intensely bittersweet (and the sweet is hard to see if you don't know the symbolism) that I just felt gutted. "They all DIED? And that's the END OF NARNIA? Sure, they get to stay in this other Narnia (supposedly the real one, cuz the Narnia I know and love was just a shadow or something) forever, and that's kind of cool, but WHAT THE...??!!?" That's how I felt when I read it as a teenager. Now that I'm older, there's a lot I love about this book, even the crazy twist ending; I'm not hating on it here, but it took me a long time to gain an appreciation for it. That book messed me up. It's awesome but it's still far from a favorite. Apologies to LB fans.

Yes, I'm a mouse... I mean, a geek!

Posted : March 7, 2020 9:35 am
Justin of Archenland
NarniaWeb Regular

Definitely an uneasy answer to give here. That makes me love the question even more. Congratulations to all that have been able to answer it before :)

My list would probably look like this:

1. VDT
2. HHB

3. LWW
4. MN
5. PC
6. LB

7. SC

I've split them up to show my decisiveness in all of the cases.

1-2 are the strong leaders for me. I love VDT because of the well-carried-out multiple storylines within the story. I love the challenges they have to overcome, but most of all, I love Reepicheep in VDT. He has always been my favourite, but in this story I love him more deeply with every inch they get closer to the end of the World. It's his longing for discovering the afterlife that is close to my heart. Together with his bravery and gracefulness, he makes a convincing role model.

HHB is my number two because of my interest in Archenland (obviously). I would have loved for more 'screen time' for this ally of Narnia. Also I am a great fan of Shasta and Aravis' relationship and the role Aslan plays in this book. Bree and Hwin seal the deal for me, though. Bree is my second-favourite character. He's trying to be such a good and valiant creature and in his innocent moments he actually is exactly that.

3-5 can switch with a simple read. Whatever state I'm in, whatever beautiful part hits me the most will be able to bring one higher into the list. They're all great stories with amazing sections.

7 Is a bit of a downer for me. Hard to say it, because I still absolutely adore the book, but compared to the others it's not up there for me.

Main reason: I really dislike Eustace Scrubb (not much of a problem with him in VDT, though) and I think the Lady of the Green Kirtle and Rilian could have been much stronger presences in the story. Rilian is fine, but the witch's presentation is just a tad too weak in my opinion.
Great parts are definitely Puddleglum and Jill. Specifically Puddleglum's wise moments, his sacrifice and Jill's encounter with Aslan really stayed with me.

“Child," said the Voice, "I am telling you your story, not hers. I tell no one any story but his own.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy

Posted : April 10, 2020 9:29 pm
NarniaWeb Nut

Oh boy, this will be hard. Here it goes...

1. HHB
2. VDT
3. LB
4. LWW
5. MN
6. PC
7. SC

Yay! I did it! :) That was hard.

When I first started reading HHB, I was a little confused and, actually, a little tiny bit bored. :-o I'm ashamed to admit it. I never dreamed then that it would end up at the top of my list. Now it's one of my favorites, for many reasons.

I feel really guilty putting SC in last. I really like SC. It's not that I don't like it. I just like it a little less than the other six.

Posted : May 9, 2020 3:41 am
Col Klink
NarniaWeb Nut

When I first started reading HHB, I was a little confused and, actually, a little tiny bit bored. I'm ashamed to admit it. I never dreamed then that it would end up at the top of my list. Now it's one of my favorites, for many reasons.

That's actually pretty close to my experience of reading The Horse and his Boy. I'm not ashamed to admit it though. I think it makes for a good story and nicely parallels the inaccurate first impressions Shasta and Aravis have of each other.

I feel really guilty putting SC in last. I really like SC. It's not that I don't like it. I just like it a little less than the other six.

I kind of feel the same way about my least favorites. They're great when I'm reading them. It's just that when I'm reading the others I find them a tad greater.

For better or worse-for who knows what may unfold from a chrysalis?-hope was left behind.
-The God Beneath the Sea by Leon Garfield & Edward Blishen

Posted : May 9, 2020 5:09 am
Phill Lytle
NarniaWeb Regular

Here is a link to the website where I write - Rambling Ever On. We recently published our ranking of the series and included commentary for each book. Enjoy!

"Every tear will be redeemed in the hands of God." - J.J. Heller

Rambling Ever On - Finding Truth, Beauty, and Joy in Life

Posted : February 1, 2021 11:54 am
The Scribbler
NarniaWeb Regular

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the Silver Chair... it feels very much like my book. I relate to the flawed character of Jill so much, and I loath the adventure she has to go on (I hate being cold, darkness, caves... bleh) but I was so struck in the heart by all she had to endure and learn. I think that book is really about death to the self and death to the comforts of the flesh, so it’s a hard but very good read and comes back to my mind often.

My other favs fluctuate, but here goes (for the moment) 











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Posted : February 2, 2021 5:36 pm
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