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There are going to be lots of odd and interesting articles, some of which you will love, and others will make you throw up your hands in horror. You may like to summarise the article you find, or just give the link.
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I'll start with this one, whose writer seems to have limited knowledge of the books, and only knows the Walden films:  (you will probably guess whether I agree with it, when you read about ageing up the children.....)


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Topic starter Posted : April 29, 2024 9:31 pm
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After reading your sentiments on the article I refrained myself from reading it and skipped to the actors that the writer felt would suit the Pevensie's when recasting takes place. I was only familiar with the actresses from Bridgerton and Damsel since I watched those shows already. They are good choicies, especially the actress for Lucy.

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Posted : April 30, 2024 11:26 am
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I don't watch Bridgerton, but I think the actress they suggested for Susan looks the part. (Well, I don't have a super specific image of each character in my mind, but I feel like if I did have one for Susan, it would look like that actress.) 

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Posted : May 1, 2024 3:18 pm
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Here's another Screen Rant article that just came up in my phone's news feed: 10 Problems with the Chronicles of Narnia that Greta Gerwig's Movies Must Fix

I don't agree with a lot of things in this article — I suspect some of it is more to do with the writer's personal tastes and biases than objective "problems" as such Eyebrow — and there's the usual misapplication of the term "allegory" and the perennial raising of the Problem of Susan. But there are a few reasonable points in there, and some of these things may indeed be issues for viewers who are less familiar with the books.

I suspect the writer of the article isn't thoroughly familiar with the books either — anyone who was, would hit on more genuine issues like the considerable inconsistencies between some of the books — and there's also the fact that Gerwig so far has only been asked to do two films, as far as we know, so there's quite some likelihood that the entire Netflix Narnia franchise will have more than one director, if they do end up adapting all the books. But it's interesting to read others' opinions and ideas on it, even if I don't think they're on the mark, and at least commentators out there are getting interested in the new version of Narnia and talking about it! 

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Posted : May 11, 2024 11:41 pm
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This is all really interesting. Though I actually agree that I don't necessarily agree with all of these.

For the order issue, while a lot of us are set on reading the series in publication order, the same rule doesn't have to apply to a movie. Even if it was made in chronological order, we could still probably watch them in publication order if we want (my set of the books are numbered chronologically, though I could still read them in publication order).

I would agree that it can be hard to turn a book (not just Narnia but any book) into a movie. There are lot of challenges, such as some things that would have to be expanded on, cut out, or change.

I would say that The Last Battle would certainly take the most risk, given the dark tone of the book. Then another, how would they address Susan no longer being afraid of Narnia? Would they leave her out all together or have her somehow make a brief appearance?

I'm not so sure if I would want The Horse And His Boy to be skipped, though I can see how hard it would be to do a side story. If Narnia was to be done in the style of Star Wars, then it could possibly be titled, The Horse And His Boy: A Narnia Story. Then again, I don't know.

It's a really interesting article, though I'm not sure I would entirely agree with all that.

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Posted : May 12, 2024 1:02 pm