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[Sticky] Confirmed Lion Parties (Crossposted with Facebook)

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I'll be starting up a google map too so people can find parties a bit more easily. I'm also going to be locking this thread so people can easily find parties. If you want your party added, shoot me a PM with any and all information you have and I'll get you added on here! :)

Australia, South Australia, Marion - hosted by lirimaer_senshi

New Zealand, Christchurch - hosted by coracle

United States, Alabama, Troy - hosted by shastastwin

United States, California, Bay Area - hosted by NarnianDuchess

United States, California, Costa Mesa - hosted by Sara Gildez

United States, California, Riverside - hosted by Narnia_Fan12

United States, Colorado, Denver - hosted by Eustace

United States, Florida, Ft. Myers - hosted by mrsbroyles2003

United States, Idaho, Meridan - hosted by Susan's_look_a_like

United States, Illinois, Naperville - hosted by Gymfan15

United States, Kansas, Kansas City - hosted by Rilian

United States, Kansas, Wichita - hosted by fantasia_kitty

United States, Massachusetts, Waltham - hosted by Fire_flower

United States, Minnesota, Twin Cities Area - hosted by Movie Aristotle and Pattertwigs Pal

United States, New Jersey, Turnersville - hosted by MaidenofNarnia

United States, New York, Amsterdam - hosted by QueenSusanJ316

United States, New York, Buffalo - hosted by the Narnia: Dagorhir group

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte - hosted by Josiah Graf

United States, Ohio, Lima - hosted by johobbit

United States, Tennessee, Chattanooga - hosted by Guinevere

United States, Texas, Dallas - hosted by willowofnarnia

United States, Texas, Houston - hosted by starkat

Lion Parties that are italicized are parties that are NOT confirmed exactly, but the host was interested in having one, so if you are in that area, please contact the host for more information.

Topic starter Posted : August 6, 2010 1:40 pm
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MAP OF LION PARTIES!!!! (clicky)

Blue markers are locations that are pretty well fixed (though the time and date may not necessarily be). Green markers are locations that are NOT fixed (though a lion party will be held there) and will be announced hopefully soon.

Topic starter Posted : October 5, 2010 8:15 am