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[Closed] "The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come to pass"

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Hey all you Robert Jordan fans out there! ;)
I don't think there is a forum topic for this yet. Thought if we could get a discussion going about thoughts from the series it would be kind of neat. Let's start off with the top 10 favorites.
Mine are:

1. The Dragon Reborn
2. Eye of the World
3. The Great Hunt
4. The fires of Heaven
5. Lord of Chaos
6. The Path of Daggers
7. Winters Heart
8. Knife of Dreams
9. Crossroads of Twilight
10. The Path of Daggers
11. The Shadow Rising

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Sorry Narnia93, but topics for specific shows, books, movies, etc. need to be opened as Special Features. You PM a Spare Oom moderator with your request, we add it to our list, and we PM you when its turn comes to be opened, so you can open it. For more information on how Special Features are run, please see the Spare Oom Posting Announcements (especially the bulleted point under #1).

If we didn't keep it organized like this, the Spare Oom would quickly become impossible to navigate. We keep a number of broad threads open to cover a large number of topics by genre. In the meantime you can post about Robert Jordan's books in the Book thread.

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