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Navigating the Dark Island of the Covid-19

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Lady Jill the Loyal
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Posted by: @twigs

I cried when our mask mandate ended in May because I thought it was too soon. In my opinion, everyone should mask until everyone has the option to be vaccinated.

Everyone should certainly have the option of wearing a mask themselves if they feel comfortable and happy enough with it, and nobody ought to complain about it unless there's a real reason to remove masks at any time. Personally I have a medical exemption but where I can, I wear a mask, especially in enclosed spaces like buses or trains (I'm still counted as an essential worker and whatnot). I definitely do NOT want to get COVID, I've seen the damage it does to lungs and I have enough respiratory issues, thanks very much. I like your masks, although I personally use disposable ones; they're the only ones I can even hope to wear through an entire shift at work. Most of the issue I find with masks is actually cognitive; I cannot think properly while in a mask (luckily work doesn't require much brainpower).

My state is in lockdown. On the plus side, I am now fully vaccinated which is a relief. Trying to book in was horrendous which is what has taken me all this time to get to it - I've been eligible since day one, but wasn't allowed to get AstraZeneca because of my age.

Posted : September 14, 2021 5:40 pm
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@ Courtenay: (Now there's a quirk of regional Aussie dialects — what are called "togs" in NSW and Queensland are "bathers" or "Speedos" in Victoria, where I come from. And a "swimsuit" or "swimming costume" to the rest of the world.)

Quite so, but where do "cossies" come from? That was what we used to call them when I was young. Perhaps that quirky dialect of Western Sydney "Strine"? Giggle   Swimming costumes aren't the only items that is called something different from state to state. Suitcases used to be called "ports" in Victoria, didn't they?

Last night our State Government lifted the 9.00 pm curfew now that New South Wales has reached the 80% mark for at least one vaccination. Now that is great in one way, but a mixed blessing if curfews saved 1. electricity, 2. got people to go home a bit earlier, instead of in the wee hours of the morning, 3.gave the police a few less things to do. 4. was an excuse to go to bed earlier.

For days now I have been fretting about the statistics for vaccinations for our own "LGA" (Local Government Area). This morning we found out we have one of the best statistics for Sydney. 

@ Lady Jill the Loyal: My state is in lockdown. 

Hug Welcome Lady Jill, to our Narnia Web community!  Now would I be right in detecting a fellow Aussie? Shhhh ... N3dGM/view

Posted : September 15, 2021 11:07 pm
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Posted by: @waggawerewolf27

Swimming costumes aren't the only items that is called something different from state to state. Suitcases used to be called "ports" in Victoria, didn't they?

No, that's Queensland. I've only ever heard it over there (I lived in Brisbane for a few years) — we definitely never use that term in Victoria.

I've just been checking statistics for the UK and cases here are going down overall, which is a relief to know. I think everyone was afraid there'd be another huge spike after restrictions were lifted a few months ago (which has happened before), but thank goodness, it looks like that's been avoided.

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Posted : September 16, 2021 10:53 am
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When Covid first became an obvious serious pandemic, I did a LOT of reading about the 1913 Spanish Flu because it was a similar type of virus (similar in that it mutates as opposed to polio and smallpox). It's funny to me in an ironic way how history always repeats itself, from the waves that come through to the way people react to it. One huge blessing this time around has been the internet/technology that's allowed us to keep in contact with minimal physical interaction. 

But the point of this post is that I'm of the unofficial opinion that the USA is in the last big wave of Covid. Unless there's another mutant strain that overrides the vaccine and/or natural immunity built up, I think this will become endemic and in a few years it'll just be "another cold or flu" virus going around. At least I hope that's the case. 

I see a lot of people ask what the "new normal" will look like. I think it's important to remember that before Covid, that's what the new normal was after the previous flus, polio, pox, etc pandemics went through the world. As far as I can tell the only real lasting effect was that you're not supposed to spit on the sidewalk and they got rid of public drinking cups (GROSS!!!). 😉 

In my own personal neck of the woods, things are still bad thanks to delta, but they're not getting any worse. As in, we have approximately 300 new cases a day, and it's steady, staying at that number. That's with everything pretty much completely opened up. Some mask mandates have returned, particularly in schools. One of our local school districts did something that I think was really smart. Their mask mandates are dependent on how many students and staff are out sick with Covid. If it drops below 2%, no masks are required. 2-5% masks are highly recommended. Higher than that and they're required. 

Posted : September 16, 2021 12:58 pm
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