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1 - Behind the Gym  

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7. Based on this chapter, what is your impression of Jill?

Very insecuritie, closed off, unstable, and just a little self-absorbed. All of which seem understandable given her circumstances at the school.

9. Whose fault is it that Eustace falls off the cliff? Or is it no one’s fault?

Clearly Jill's I think, she was showing off and though she didn't mean any harm nothing would have happened to Eustace if she hadn't done so.

Posted : February 17, 2018 10:17 am
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8. When Eustace fell, did you think he died? Even for a moment?
No, I didn't think Lewis would really kill off one of the children -- at least so quickly!

9. Whose fault is it that Eustace falls off the cliff? Or is it no one’s fault?
Well, I suppose it depends on what one means by 'fault.' I guess it was Jill's showing off that led to him falling, but I don't think that means she murdered him or anything! She wouldn't hold the same culpability she would if she pushed him off, for example. But I guess Lewis wanted to show how Jill's insecurities and desires to show off cause her all kinds of problems. This is a weak point of Jill's that has to be corrected throughout her journey.

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Posted : May 5, 2018 5:12 pm
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1. In his essay “On Stories,” C.S. Lewis wrote that he loved atmosphere more than excitement in a story. What atmosphere do you feel in the first few pages of The Silver Chair?
It is very dreary. The parts at Experiment House are very grey. I find grey a very depressing color. The atmosphere at the beginning of the book feels like a week with nothing but grey skies and rain.

2. Why does Lewis wait to reveal that the boy is Eustace?
It adds suspense. It prevents the reader from applying any preconceived notions about the character.

3. Why do you think Eustace decides to tell Jill his secret?
I think he sensed that she would be receptive. Part of Aslan's calling to them might be nudging Eustace to tell Jill.

5. Lewis’s writes: “The Head said they were interesting psychological cases and sent for them and talked to them for hours. And if you knew the right sort of things to say to the Head, the main result was that you became rather a favourite than otherwise.” Do think it is possible that something like this could happen at a school? Why or Why not?
Yes, children can figure out how to get around grown-ups, and it is common in education to figure out why kids do things and if they need special help. If the children are smart enough and the grown-ups gullible enough, I could see this happening. (Obviously there are children who do need special help and have psychological issues but there are also children who work the system and I am assuming the bullies are in this group.)

6. Why did Jill feel shy when Eustace was telling her his secret?
It is taking their friendship to a new level. Or perhaps moving them from acquaintances to friends.

8. When Eustace fell, did you think he died? Even for a moment?
I don’t remember. I was young when I first read the chronicles and was probably very vague on the concept of death. I remember asking if when the witch in LWW said “killed” if she meant turned to stone.

9. Whose fault is it that Eustace falls off the cliff? Or is it no one’s fault?
It was mostly Jill’s fault because she put herself in that dangerous situation, and Eustace wouldn’t have tried to help her if she hadn’t stood so close to the end. Part of it was beyond Jill’s control because she was in survival mode and lost control of her body. I do wonder what would have happened if Eustace hadn’t risked grabbing her…

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