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[Sticky] Welcome to the Prince Caspian Reading Group!

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Welcome to The Prince Caspian Reading Group. We will have many opportunities for discussion. Each week the mods will post questions to help start discussion. You do not have to answer all or even any of the questions. Feel free to comment on other people’s comments, simply post your thoughts on the chapter, or ask your own questions.

If you have read the book before, please be careful when answering the questions so as not to give anything away. Try to answer the questions based on what is known so far in the story and not based on what you know from reading Prince Caspian or other works by Lewis. If you need to talk about something from a future chapter or another work of fiction by Lewis, put it in spoilers. Also, be aware that there are American and British versions so some differences may arise.

We are planning on reading and discussing 1 chapter a week. We will post questions for the first chapter Tuesday, the 7th. Unless you hear otherwise, assume that a chapter’s worth of questions will be posted each Tuesday. You do not have to keep up with the group. As long as the threads are unlocked you are free to post in them. You do not need to register for the group. The plan is for the reading group to close late May. We also will post a closing notice well in advance.

This thread is open for questions and/or comments.

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