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The Song of the First King

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Well, The Lion's Call Summer Reading Challenge of the Magician's Nephew wrapped up last week, and I wrote another poem as a sequel to my first one, which was about Jadis. This new one is a Narnian minstrel-song about Frank the first king.

The Song of the First King, or, The Ballad of Frank
A Narnian Bard's Song

In darkness, when the world was born,
A Son of Adam saw the light.
From Lantern Waste he saw the morn,
If I recall the tales aright.

A man named Frank, of humble birth,
A driver of a wooden cart,
Was brought here from a place called Earth,
And with him, brought a noble heart.

When Aslan's song had waked the trees,
And roused the mighty river-gods,
He looked for one to rule all these,
To name the beasts and till the sod.

"My son," said he, "I've known you long.
Do you feel that you know me?"
And Frank, now filled with Aslan's song,
Replied, "I feel that it must be."

"Would it please your heart to dwell,
Within this land, for all your life?"
"Sir," said Frank, " I'd like it well,
If only I could bring my wife."

The Lion gave The Lion's Call*,
And quick as thought, the woman came,
With gladdened heart she saw it all,
For she and Frank were much the same.

"My children, you'll be King and Queen,
And yours shall be the royal line.
You'll rule o'er all that can be seen,
As guardians of this land of mine."

And with these words, the Lion told
The dwarfs to light their smithing-fire,
From trees of silver and of gold,
They wrought two crowns of shining wire.

And so the King and Queen were crowned,
And from their house great heroes rose,
Whose songs in hist'ry have gone down,
As everyone in Narnia knows.

They settled by the Eastern Sea,
And built the grand Cair Paravel,
They kept the Narnian kingdom free,
And ruled it wisely, just and well.

But one day in their mighty hall,
Upon their day of Jubilee,
An ancient centaur came to call,
And brought with him a prophecy.

"My Lord, you must erect four thrones,"
Said he, with wisdom in his eyes.
"For it is written, as in stones,
An awful bodement in the skies."

"An evil time will one day fall,
Upon this happy land of ours,
And to this end, you have been called,
To help restrain the evil powers."

"To me it has been clearly shone:
When Adam's flesh and Adam's bone,
Sits on Cair Paravel in throne,
The evil time shall be over and done."

Then Frank the King of Narnia gave,
An order that the thrones be made.
By this his country would be saved,
Long after he to rest was laid.

* Yeah, that "Lion's Call" thing's totally not a coincidence! :D

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The first stanza gave me actual chills.

"Bodement" yanked me out of the flow a bit though... not sure I've seen that term used before.

Posted : January 20, 2023 4:13 pm