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Jadis as interpretated by an art-based AI

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Here's something for laughs.

There are AI engines now that, instead of generating plausible-sounding text (a favorite of spammers) generate a work of art based on your description. What it does is analyze in a few seconds all images it can using similar words and then distills them to create a picture. You can even specify different styles for the picture.

Anyway I fed three different ones the line "Evil queen of an ancient empire with long black hair."

This is the first one. It looks like Hawaii, maybe a view of downtown Honolulu, with Jadis growing out of the gray skyscrapers. She's got one eye like a cyclops and wears a purple cape.

Then there's this one. This search engine let you upload a reference picture so I did, a painting of Jadis wearing a red gown with a sword.This one is not bad but she's got a few extra hands and too much rouge.

I'll save the best for last. Jadis is hideous! With a dirty face and a wandering eye! She's also growing out of a rock. The AI interpreted "with long black hair" literally, in that a bunch of long black hair was standing beside her, also growing out of rock, and turning yellow at the tips. This Cousin It thing wears its own gold crown.

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This looks like a complete fever dream! For some reason though I think a cruel rock-queen beast would be an interesting character for a book LOL (seriously tempted to use that!) I can just imagine the head getting in vicious one-sided arguments with the crown-wearing rock projection.

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