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[Sticky] Avatar and Signature Sets

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Welcome to the Sets thread!
About this thread: People like to make sets of avatars and signatures where the two images go together. We've created a thread where you can post relating avatars and signatures together for easy browsing.
Here are the specific rules for this thread:
1. If a member posts an avie and it's matching sig in said thread, they may not post either the avatar or the signature, in the avatar or signature thread. (e.g. your artwork can only be posted in one of our threads)
2. No more than 5 avie/sig sets will be allowed per post. If you have more artwork than that to display, please wait. Do not double post!
3. All artwork must be original. No transferring already existing avies and sig combos into this thread, for extra post credit. The mods check the siggy and avatar thread every day, and they will know if this is going on.
4. Non-graphics posts and chit-chat must be kept to an extreme minimum. Nobody likes to go to a graphics thread and scroll through pages and pages of comments for just a few posts of graphics. If you want to comment on people's art, wait until a few graphics posts have been made and then comment all at once, instead of making a separate post for each comment.
Please keep the Fan Art rules in mind, and enjoy posting! Smile  
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- wild rose and SnowAngel

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