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[Closed] Featured Roleplay: A Funny Thing Happened

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I swallowed nervously, trying not to look at those who were now looking at us. And then I saw the face of the man as he turned slightly and my heart nearly stopped. "Oh, crap."


Jamison nodded slowly and was just turning his head to look around when Valentina told him not to. He'd just caught a glimpse of the civilians, but made sure to complete turning his head so as not to be obvious that he'd seen them. "So, what do they have to do with us?" Jamison asked.


"Dead," Claric considered. "Dead is bad." He thought for a moment or three. "Do you put "like" into all your sentences on purpose?"


The General nodded slowly. "Yes. Her compassion is her weakness. It is her compassion that must be played on. And if her compassion for others does not work, you know whom she will be drawn out for, Conall." He waited for Le Loup Noir to connect the dots.

"Let the music cast its spell,
give the atmosphere a chance.
Simply follow where I lead;
let me teach you how to dance."

Posted : February 4, 2011 2:28 am
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"Aww crap is right, This could turn into something bad... Very bad... And... Fun" I said, suddenlly changing my tune "We don't actually need to fight them. We need to lead them on a wild goose chase and then, once we loose them double back to here" I said, thinking "But we'd better do something fast"

Kevin looked at me, and then the others "What if I created a diversion quick. And like the kid said, lead them on a goose chase while yall get inside the building, it would be like killing to geese with one stone"

If you ain't first, you're last.

Posted : February 4, 2011 10:26 am
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