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[Sticky] Ditto Town's Lexicon

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Good mortereve everyone!

You are in the Ditto Town Lexicon. Basically this is a place where you can be privy to Ditto Town related links, RP etiquette, and Ditto Town Words and Meanings.

To start things off I would like to direct you to the Role-play Etiquette List. This is a list of things you must know if you participate (or plan to participate) in Role-plays.

RPG Etiquette:

First and Foremost: Read the rules of the forum.

Creating a Character: On the first page of the Post Office thread there is a profile for your character. It is best to fill it out as completely as you can before posting for your character so others have a feel for who and what your character is.

Do your best to make your character three-dimensional, unique, and complex. Boring one- and two-dimensional characters are no fun.

Joining a RPG: In order to join a role-play, you must first contact the creator of the role-play and ask permission to join. This is simple politeness. Do not make your first post until you have heard back from the creator with a “go-ahead.”

Posting DOs and DON’Ts:

Do post with substance. The minimum word limit in the Fountain is 10 words and the minimum word limit in the Mansion is 50. Please keep this in mind when you post.

Do use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It has been helpful for many of us to run our posts through Word first to make sure we are using proper English.

Do your best to interact with other characters. Having your character do its own thing will be lonely for one, and might mess up the main plot for another.

Do respect the main plotter’s wishes. If they make the role-play take a specific turn, go with it.

Do ask questions in the Cavern or in an OOC note in-thread if you are confused about something. If you want a more specific answer to a specific question that might reveal a plot-twist, PM the person you would like to answer.

Do have fun. Get involved with your character and post his or her thoughts, emotions, personality, etc. This will give others the opportunity to learn more about your character and learn how to respond to them.


Don’t control other people’s characters. This is common courtesy. The only time you are allowed to take control of another writer’s characters is when they ask you to.

Don’t god-mod. This is when you cause a major plot-twist to happen that takes control of the role-play. (Example: A giant man-eating sloth appears out of nowhere and destroys the town.) For a more specific definition, see the "Words and Meanings" section.

Don’t hurt or kill someone’s character without their permission.

Don’t read the thoughts of another person’s character. If your character is telepathic, ask permission before reading a character’s mind.

Fighting DOs and DON’Ts:

Do describe your character’s fighting style. This will help the other writers see what they are up against and post accordingly.

Don’t have your character hurt, maim, or kill the character they are fighting on first attack without permission.

Do have your character receive injuries. It is unrealistic to be completely invulnerable to attacks.

Don’t control your character’s opponent without permission.

Do allow your character to lose a fight. No one wins all the time.

Don’t have your character continually heal himself or herself fully during the fight.

Secondly, a link to a Ditto Town wiki run primarily by our own zlcva:

Ditto Town Wiki

~ Ditto Town ~
Words - Meanings

Words common to Ditto Town and their meaning:
with thanks to MissPole

Abraham Lincoln: A phrase meaning "Gee, its quiet here"
Bob Saget: The Ditto Town mascot and Host of the Ditto Town Fountain. He is a duck-billed platypus.
Conga-rats: 1) A way of giving one congratulations - From "congrats" Example: "Conga-rats, Starkat, on finishing the exam!" 2) Furry rodents trained to perform a dance.
Cozy Slippers: A formal greeting. Who wouldn't want to be wished comfortable footware?
Dittotopia (also known as Dittopia): the name of the planet where Ditto Town is located.
Dinklings: Members of Dittotopia who participate in its stories excessively
and have an affection for their fellow authors and their works.
Ditto(s): A formal greeting to another ditto town citizen.
Madcap Sirens: Residents of Ditto Town who occasionally likes to write short paragraph descriptions of themselves in beautiful, flowing, medieval-style garb, accompanied with song.
Mortereve: A formal greeting, meaning "Good MORning, AfTERnoon, and EVEning" Ditto citizens come from many different countries, with different time zones. So it's just easier to say "Good Mortereve!"
Sanity: We're not really sure about this one... We don't see too much of it around here. If anyone has a definition of this "sanity," please contact us - we're curious to know what it is.
God Modding: See link for definition.


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