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Who should play Jadis, the White Witch?  

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Not really familiar with Katie McGrath's acting, actually, but I think that if she can truly bring complexity to the character, she's worth trying out.
I think Jadis is slightly more deep than the standard wicked witch in children's stories, given her background. One has to question if she started out entirely evil, considering that (at least according to her) her sister's violation of their wartime agreements drove her to mass murder. (Then again, I suppose you could argue she held back only because she still wanted the people around as slave material. But even so, it looks like she had some kind of conflicting motives going on.)
Also, her near-embarrassment at the mocking obeisance given to her by the crowds in London shows us a glimpse of an almost human side in her. To me that was a moment that I never would have seen coming.

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Posted : January 16, 2020 2:35 pm
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Also, her near-embarrassment at the mocking obeisance given to her by the crowds in London shows us a glimpse of an almost human side in her. To me that was a moment that I never would have seen coming.

I agree. If Netflix adapts MN before LWW, I think it would be very powerful storytelling to go in a more obvious, humanly-evil direction with the witch, to an extent Lewis does in the book.

Jadis is more human and vulnerable in MN than in LWW, but that’s before she eats the apple. After that, she goes the way of Palpatine & Voldemort: from human-looking to all snow-white & scary-looking. ;)

(Hopefully Netflix doesn’t resurrect Jadis in the finale like Palpatine. ;) My Old Man’s not convinced that Voldemort is dead either.)

Posted : January 17, 2020 6:15 am
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Hmmm, I think a lot of these people mentioned would be great for the role, but I have put a list together for the sake of it.

 - Charlize Theron- tall, can hold a lot of power, imagine her as Jadis easily.

- Anya Taylor Joy, not as tall, but can certainly hold a lot of power plus cgi could make her taller pretty easily, she has really beautiful strong features also that are very unique so that would work with the part that Jadis is not really human.... She is probably my favorite option 😀

-Maybe Tilda Swinton? - she was in the original so it would make me happy that there keeping a little bit from the movie but make it different showing that the tv version is its own. I do hope if that happened they would make her more like she was in the books. 🙂

- lastly, maybe Michelle Pfeiffer? -she is not as tall but has unique strong features like Anya. I believe she played Cat Women? So she does have a screen presence. I will say I am not a huge fan of this idea (even though its mine) because I had a bad teacher that looked exactly like Michelle Pfeiffer. 

Anyway, I hope that Netflix makes a good decision!

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Posted : January 7, 2021 4:26 pm
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@LostinEarth, it's funny you should mention Anya Taylor-Joy I'm a news poster for NW and I routinely run Google searches looking for anything Narnia news related, and I've been seeing her name pop up in searches all the time the past couple of weeks. Not because there are any actual rumors connecting her to Narnia, but because she mentioned Narnia in an interview with AP, saying she fantasized about going to Narnia when she was a child. Giggle So I've found myself wondering about her taking on a role in Narnia, since she seems to like the stories and she's a rising star. I was thinking perhaps the Lady of the Green Kirtle because she has more of a delicate, elfin look, but her striking, intense features would also be an interesting fit for Jadis, too.

I also find myself thinking about Daisy Ridley for Jadis... I think @Monty-Jose suggested her a while back and over time I've warmed to the idea. She also looks a bit "delicate" for towering Jadis, but the fierceness she brought to Rey at moments in in Star Wars makes me think she could bring a lot of intensity to Jadis, too.

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Posted : January 8, 2021 11:03 am
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