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[Closed] Susan - Anna Popplewell  

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Silly Girl
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I really like Anna Popplewell...she is like this classic beauty with an old world'll know what I mean when you see her in Reign as Lola. And her voice is just to die for! So gentle and queenly ;)

She is Susan to me, and she would've done a brilliant job in HaHB, but unfortunately it won't happen now. With the right look, she could've played the role which makes men go that extra mile for her effortlessly.

For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the Sun.

Posted : July 18, 2016 11:23 pm
NarniaWeb Regular

Anna is on TV! :) She's in CW's show Reign which is about Mary, Queen of Scots. Anna plays one of Mary's ladies in waiting.

I watched this show and thought the show and Anna were amazing. Anna is one of those girls that can walk out of the house all natural and be a true Beautiful Princess without any make up or adjustments at all. I just wish she would hit is really big because she could offer so much to young girls like myself and she is extremely talented. I imagine she is more popular in Britain than she is here in the USA.

"Daughter of Eve from the far land of Spare Oom, around the bright city War Drobe, how would it be if you came and had tea with me?"~ Mr. Tumnus

Posted : November 14, 2016 10:44 am
Silly Girl
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I read somewhere that Anna got married!? Well, congratulations to her! :)

For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the Sun.

Posted : December 8, 2016 2:51 pm
NarniaWeb's Auntie Moderator

She did indeed - I wonder why we didn't notice at the time.

Posted : December 9, 2016 11:10 am
Thursday's Wayfaring Child Hospitality Committee

Well that is a surprise! Congratulations and best wishes to Anna and Sam! :D :ymapplause:

avi by Flambeau

Posted : December 15, 2016 8:56 am
NarniaWeb Zealot

I don't know where to actually put this information, so please move it somewhere more suitable if it is in the way. Anna Popplewell as Susan was one of the main characters of the first two Disney Narnia films. In the first & most successful film, Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe, as an adult at the end of the movie, the adult Susan was played by Sophie Winkelman, who was seen yesterday at St George's Chapel in Windsor in UK. Sophie Winkelman went on to marry a real Lord, Frederick Windsor, the brother of Lady Gabriella Windsor, who married yesterday one Tom Kingston. Sophie Winkelman & Lord Frederick are the parents of two daughters, Maud & Isabella, & their wedding photo was also in this article, & I thought you might like to see it. Her father-in-law is a first cousin of HM Queen Elizabeth II of UK.

Edit: Lady Gabriella Kingston, the bride, got her sister-in-law, Sophie Winkelman, to sing one of the songs from LWW from the end of the movie she played in. It is the first time I've seen Sophie Winkelman being acknowledged as not only a member of UK's royal family, but also as the actress who played a grown up Susan in the Narnia series. ... N3dGM/view

Posted : May 18, 2019 3:43 pm
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