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Meridian, Idaho Lion Party

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Come one come all to the premiere of the new Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! Bring your fandom and enthusiasm as we gather to watch and discuss the latest installment of the Narnia films.

What is a Lion Party. Glad you asked. A Lion Party is the gathering of Narnia fans at a theater to await the premiere of Narnia movie. It is often held outside, but due to the weather it will be held inside.

It will be held at the Majestic Cinemas in Meridian, Idaho. Tickets are $10.0...0, plus a $3.50 3D charge if watched in 3D.

Make sure to bring something to for the other members to sign or write notes in and cameras are your friend.

Costumes are totally welcome. It would be wonderful to get the entire main cast portrayed in costume. If you are or want to make a costume please let me know as prizes will be handed out for various competitions.

As December is far away a few aspects of this party is still in work, such as where to meet before and after the movie.

Everyone in the Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Montana area is welcome. If you are from another area, you are welcome as well.

********** NEW UPDATE **********

We will be meeting beforehand to play games, discuss the book, and have a costume contest. The place and time is still undecided, but will be decided on shortly. The costume contest requires a minimum number of eight participants. Costumes do not have to be screen accurate and can be original characters as well. Prizes will be award based on the best out of eight categories, and one grand prize will be awarded to the best overall costume. The grand prize costume will be judged for level of detail, workmanship, and ingenuity.

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