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The Road Goes Ever On and On: Everything Tolkien - Book 2

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Dot, I really hope you can see this! As I have mentioned here before, when the musical was playing in Toronto back in 2006, we went three times with three different groups of people. Wonderful, so wonderful! I'm not much of a live theatre person, but this performance struck many heart chords. Gollum was superb! And I will never forget how they showed the flooding of the Ford of Bruinen (amazing!), although for some reason this was changed later on—a disappointing loss. The music was brilliant. 'Now And For Always' is still a treasured song in our home:

(These are the Frodo and Sam actors we saw).

I was able to get, via a credit on Audible, The Return of the King, narrated by Andy Serkis. So, The FotR and TTT I have on CD, but The RotK is digital. Giggle Serkis does a magnificent job of bringing to life each character. And, of course when it comes to Gollum ... Applause .

Also, I just read that a The Lord of the Rings opera has been approved by the Tolkien estate:

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Posted : April 17, 2024 9:08 am
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