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Everyone wants to talk weather Part 3

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Heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest. Not as bad as the one of 2021 where it got up to 105F and I could smell the heated wood, metal, and concrete of my house but still pretty hot.

Posted : July 9, 2024 8:37 am
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My mom and I witnessed the most bizarre weather yesterday: the sun was shining and there was quite a lot of blue sky but we could hear a thunderstorm raging and it sounded quite close, some of the thunder claps made us jump. The sky did eventually cloud over and we got a little bit of rain but I don't think I have ever experienced that loud of thunder and sunshine at the same time!

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Posted : July 9, 2024 5:33 pm
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I call those type of days "adventurous weather days", @narnian-in-the-north. Giggle We had a similar day awhile back: brilliant sunshine one minute; very dark and stormy the next ... back and forth like that most of the day. Really interesting and fun! We have had some great thunderstorms here this summer too, which I really like!

We had a comfortable week here last week, with a very decent balance of sun and rain. I was even able to walk early a couple of mornings, given that the temperature was around 12 or 13C / 53.6 or 55.4F. That is about my 'high' limit for walking, so I am eagerly anticipating another month or so, when temps will start gradually dropping again. Smile  

Although the change of daylight versus night is not strongly noticeable here in July, I am keeping close track, and since our Summer Solstice (June 20), the days have shortened by 18 minutes already, with sunrise times changing more rapidly than sunset times at this point. All this ramps up in August, when the lighting differential is much more noticeable as we head toward shorter days and longer nights again (my favourite!).

Today through Tuesday is a brief very hot and humid stretch (with a mixture of sun and rain), typical for our Julys, then moderating mid-week to more comfy temps, both daytime and nighttime. As with last summer, the rainfall and sunshine have been well-balanced, which means that everything growing is still lush and thriving, including all our floral and veggie gardens. In the past, July has often meant 2-3 weeks of no rain, hot and humid, dry as anything, so we are very grateful for this change. The kindly precipitation also saves on higher watering bills. Giggle  

We like to have various groups of folk over for campfires most weekends, and it sure has been nice again this year not having a fire ban because of dry-dry-dry.

Nearly at mid-July, so only just over two more weeks until August and the hints, scents, and anticipation of beautiful and welcome Autumn! Dancing  

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Posted : July 13, 2024 4:39 pm
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Our weather finally got the memo that summer is here.

We haven't yet hit 90F (32C), even though on average that happens by June 9 and last year at this time we'd had close to 20 such days. But we have a shot at it today.

Yesterday was hot and humid with "air you can wear," and our atmosphere was capped - a layer of air aloft that keeps thunderstorms from growing tall and serious. But our weather people warned that if a storm managed to break that cap, it would go critical in a hurry.

And that happened around midnight, with baseball-sized hail just west of here. With no warning, a gust front blew through here with winds of 68 mph (109 km/hr), nearly hurricane velocity, followed by a spectacular lightning and thunder show.

I've seen a lot of glorious lightning displays but this was up there with the best. Blinding strobe light flashes were almost continuous, and the thunder rattled the windows and trees.

A local station had a meteorologist live despite the hour (now almost 1 am), and you could hear the hail hitting the roof of the TV station (and the thunder) over the broadcast! At one point he simply said, "I have to go out and see how big the hail is since my car is out there." (When he returned he said it sounded worse than it really was).

By 2 am the high winds, hail, and lightning had moved into western Wisconsin, becoming less severe without atmospheric heating of the day.

Today, we're back to having a sauna outside.

It was quite the night! Some branches were blown out of the trees and the garden sustained some damage from the winds.

But all night, Aslan and the Moon gazed upon each other with joyful and unblinking eyes.

Posted : July 14, 2024 2:08 pm
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It’s getting hot here in Oregon. We even have to keep our two cats indoors for the most part (and I’m sure that those who have pets keep them inside when it’s too hot in the Northern Hemisphere or when it’s too cold in the Southern Hemisphere). 

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Posted : July 14, 2024 3:44 pm
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Midwinter brings its challenges, and my current one is that the small leaks in my garage roof are now turning into big leaks, so I have had to put in an insurance claim. Within the next few days I may have had the roof repaired, and the work assessed. I'll have to pay the excess, and the cost of the repair. But I hope the insurer will cover the damage inside the garage caused by the leaks.  Roll on spring!

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Posted : July 14, 2024 6:03 pm
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Posted by: @stargazer

I've seen a lot of glorious lightning displays but this was up there with the best. Blinding strobe light flashes were almost continuous, and the thunder rattled the windows and trees.

That sounds amazing, stargazer. I love outstanding lightning displays!

Keep cool, Jasmine! Smile  

All the best with that insurance claim and repair, coracle!

Today is looking almost as dark as twilight as thunderstorms roar through our area. Warnings are out everywhere! Hail, lightning, thunder, flooding, rain-rain-rain. I love adventurous weather days (as long as everyone is safe)! And very hot today—97F including humidex, which is not hot to some, but is to us. Giggle Although it is not uncommon in July for us to have 104F with humidex, but thankfully we have not had many of those this month. And it's already half over, yay! The faster July goes, the better. Giggle  

We continue to have a very decent mixture of sun, cloud, and great rains. And on this dark, dark day, the gardens look, in contrast, as if they are shining with a spotlight, as so many brightly-coloured flowers are blooming now (coneflower, black-eyed Susans, phlox, wild flowers, daisies, hibiscus, sunflowers, and all the hanging baskets (cornflower, begonias, petunias, lantana).

Thankfully this mini heat wave seriously leaves by Wednesday, when we then have below seasonal temperatures, and back to walking temps in the early morning hours for me for three nights in a row, yay! That is almost unheard of here in July, so what a treat!

And as of today, we are 21 minutes shorter than the Summer Solstice (June 20)—mostly seen in the a.m. at this point, but the p.m. is starting to ramp down too, as we drop below the 9:00 pm sunset time tomorrow or the next day. 

Aaand here comes more thunder bringing in heavy rain. Smile  

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Posted : July 15, 2024 8:15 am
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