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[Closed] Hillsdale College Lectures on Lewis

Lady Arwen
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Hillsdale College has put together a series of online lectures about C.S. Lewis and his work, both in apologetics and in literature. While I have not watched these yet, I have heard they are quite good.

A link to the first lecture is here and each lecture has a small summary posted with it. Feel free to discuss your thoughts on them here.

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Topic starter Posted : February 17, 2016 2:42 pm
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Thank you Lady Arwen for sharing the link to this lecture series. I have watched the first two and they are quite good! The first lecture elegantly summarizes the point Lewis made in The Abolition of Man and That Hideous Strength. I had read both of these books before and got the gist so to speak, nevertheless this video appealed to me greatly since I am rather hobbit-like. I like lectures “filled with things already knew, set out fair and square with no contradictions”. ;;)
I have kind of an idea that the point Lewis was making in Abolition of Man he echoed in the character of Eustace. He starts out only interested in facts (disassociated from truth) but through his Narnian adventures eventually comes to a place where he can recognize and appreciate inherent truth, beauty and goodness. And early step on his journey might be summarized in his exchange with Ramandu: “In our world, “said Eustace, “a star is a huge ball of flaming gas.” “Even in your world, my son, that is not what a star is but only what it is made of.”
The second lecture was very good too. I noticed that the lecturer is the author of Planet Narnia, which my brother has read and greatly enjoyed. Seeing the author’s lecture has made me want to get a copy and read it for myself!

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