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C.S.Lewis performed by actors  

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Many of us have seen the 1990s film Shadowlands, starring Anthony Hopkins as Lewis.  Many of us have also seen stage productions, and some of us have enjoyed the original BBC Television play of the same name, which began them all [my personal favourite].

A number of actors have portrayed C.S.Lewis in different parts of his life, giving his lectures, telling his own life in monologues [eg The Most Reluctant Convert] and so on.

I noticed this on our local TV channel's website, and I plan to watch it soon; the few minutes I have looked at seem to be documentary as much as performance.

I don't know if people elsewhere can access New Zealand TV online, but you could search for it elsewhere. 

If you have seen this, or other performances as Jack Lewis, how well and accurately did you think the actor portrayed him? Did it make you want to read or re-read the books? Did the ideas challenge or help you?  And do you have a favourite portrayal, either on stage or on film?



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Posted : February 26, 2021 1:05 am