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[Sticky] Resources - Brushes, Textures, and more!

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Welcome to the Resource thread!

Please only post work made by yourself. It's ok to link to things made by other people, but we'd like to keep that to a minimum. We want to see YOUR talent! Also, please keep your resources general or Narnia-related. It's okay to post a few bases here, but please keep it to a minimum...anything over five or six bases should go in the Avatar thread.

Enjoy! Smile  

Links to helpful Resource sites:
Narnia Bases for editing

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I guess I'll start out. You can find most of my old stuff in the old thread. But to make it easier, I've created some folders so that you can look at the individual textures and bases (stock/fashion). Here's the folder for my textures, and here's the folder for my bases.

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