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[Closed] How to Upload and Thumbnail Images 3.0

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How to change your avatar: If you don't want to use Wordpress' automatic avatars, there are other options on your account page. If you use the "specify avatar by URL" option, copy and paste a direct link. Or you can upload an avatar from your device by choosing a file for the "upload an avatar" option.

How to add an image to your signature: You will need to use an HTML code to add an image to your signature. The image will be automatically centered. Use the url of your desired image in between the codes.

How to add an image to your post: In most instances, just copy and paste the url of the image you would like to share. The image will automatically resize to a smaller one if your image is too large. 

How to share small graphics: If you are posting a small image (such as an avatar or signature), follow the instructions for adding an image to your post.

How to thumbnail an image/share larger graphics: If you are posting a larger image (such as a wallpaper) and would like other people to see the original size, there are a few more steps.

1) Copy the image (not the link, the image itself).

2) Paste the image into your post.

3) Copy the image URL.

4) Click on the image in your post, then choose the link option at the top of your post. Paste the image URL. Click ok.

Your thumbnailed image should work like this: 

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