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Memories of Narniaweb

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NarniaWeb Guru

So many good memories based around Narniaweb. I honestly think it was this forum that helped me launch my full-time job as a graphic artist and writer.

I also remember the tough times on the forum that we can all laugh about now- things seemed so much more important and I worked so hard to become a chat mod, even staging my own little protest here on the forums and pleading with the mods to keep Narniaweb the same as it was when I first joined the forum so that my sisters could enjoy it too. Little did I realize that the forum will always change and faces will come and go, but what's important are the relationships with people that we have.

I have so many friends that I've made from this forum in real life. Recently Bartholomew was one of the best men in my wedding, and it was great getting to hang out with someone that I met years ago on this forum. Many thanks to all the great people who have made this forum possible and all of the growth is has encouraged in so many.

Request Access to the Chippingford Market: Narnia Buy & Sell

Posted : November 25, 2013 8:25 am
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