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Songs/Styles in the Netflix series

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I've seen some neat discussions about what we want the soundtrack of the new series to sound like (in terms of film scores, instrumentals, etc.). 

In the Walden series, we also got some original songs like "Can't Take It In" (Imogen Heap) and "This Is Home" (Switchfoot). 

Do we want Netflix to do something similar (either bring in various bands/singers to write songs, or ask for permission to use songs that are already written - and navigate all the required legal/copyright stuff)? Anne with an E was able to acquire "Ahead by a Century" (The Tragically Hip), while Stranger Things often has classic 80s rock songs playing in the background of various scenes. 

If the answer to one or both of the above is "yes", what genres would we want to hear?

I for one wouldn't mind something edging closer to rock than we've had in previous adaptations (although not anything harder than, say, Imagine Dragons). 

Incidentally, this could potentially include an intro song if it is in fact an episodic series. I recently saw a tweet from Ed Sheeran expressing interest. 

This is the journey
This is the trial
For the hero inside us all
I can hear adventure call
Here we go

Topic starter Posted : March 27, 2022 11:36 am
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I'm still kind of hooked in the idea of "Fly to Paradise" getting used either in the soundtrack or the intro/outro. It has a really magical choral feel while at the same time being a bit nostalgic. 

As for genre, I wouldn't mind hearing some old folk songs ( such as Scarborough Fair). These also come with the added bonus of being in the public domain,  so rights wouldn't be an issue.

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