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The Crazy-Things-You-Can't-Help-Wishing-For Blog

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Have you ever wished you could fly to the moon? That you could star in a famous movie? That you could be on American Idol? Have you ever wished that you had superpowers? That you could be a billionaire? That you could eat as much chocolate as you wanted to, and not get fat? This blog is a place to list these sort of wishes!

1) Please feel free to give any reasons you have for wishes, though they're not required.
2) General forum rules apply.

What are some of the crazy things that you have wished for? Grin

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Topic starter Posted : August 22, 2021 5:29 pm
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Weirdly enough, the wish that's been running through my mind the most lately that I wish that the ultimate recycling company exists. Like... I had a measuring cup that melted beyond usefulness, but I couldn't figure out anything I could do with it besides throw it away. I imagine there is someone, somewhere, who could have found a great way to repurpose it in an art project or something, but if such a person exists, I had no way of finding them.

Basically, I fantasize about making eBay for junk. Giggle Somewhere where you can send the junk you're getting rid of, and someone will find people who actually want that kind of stuff and let them have it. How such a company would make any profit and not just get overwhelmed with everyone's junk is beyond me, which is why this has been a fantasy, and not something I've tried to find/do. 😉 

Don't get me wrong - I regularly wish I had superpowers, too. 😉

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Posted : August 22, 2021 8:21 pm
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Ooh, @Rya, your crazy wish made me think of one of mine... 3D printers in every home that can utilize everyday household plastics (like grocery bags, clamshell packaging) to make household items, tools, toys, et cetera. There's so much plastic in the world and it would be great if we could directly reuse it for things that we need or want instead of just attempting to recycle it. I guess in theory this isn't a completely crazy wish, but everyone having their own 3D printer would be quite an undertaking. Giggle

Posted : August 22, 2021 9:55 pm
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I regularly, intensely wish I could get to other places just by wishing to.

Or rather, mostly that I could get to other people by wishing to.

I can't drive (health reasons) and have a cruddy local public transport system, so I'm dependent on other folks' schedules and well-wishes for rides. Also no money for long-distance options. And partly I really want more company, and partly...

People I love keep having various adverse life events and I *cannot be there to help.* I don't think I could help a Lot, but at least I'm a good hugger and can cook foods for people, you know?

Posted : January 30, 2023 4:56 pm
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Something crazy that I sometimes wish for is the ability to pause the clock and fit more things into the day! It would be very handy in a number of scenarios, including more time to prepare before a deadline or appointment and time to actually relax in a hectic day.

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Topic starter Posted : September 1, 2023 3:57 pm