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Codes for the Old-Timey Smileys from Forum 2.0!  

The Rose-Tree Dryad
Secret Garden Agent Moderator

If you want to learn the codes for the old-timey Forum 2.0 smilies so you don't have go hunting for them each time in the drop-down, here's the master list!

Be sure to remove the asterisks.

Basic code format: {ym}:smileynamegoeshere:

To learn a smiley name, just hover your mouse over a smiley, or refer to this list. Smile

Smile {*ym}:smile:

Giggle {*ym}:giggle:

Sad {*ym}:sad:

Grin {*ym}:grin:

Bats eyes {*ym}:batseyes:

Hug {*ym}:hug:

Confused {*ym}:confused:

Blush {*ym}:blush:

Tongue {*ym}:tongue:

Shocked {*ym}:shocked:

Angry {*ym}:angry:

Smug {*ym}:smug:

Cool {*ym}:cool:

Worried {*ym}:worried:

Whew {*ym}:whew:

Crying {*ym}:crying:

Straight face {*ym}:straightface:

Eyebrow {*ym}:eyebrow:

ROFL {*ym}:rofl:

Talk to hand {*ym}:talktohand:

Sleepy {*ym}:sleepy:

Eyeroll {*ym}:eyeroll:

Shhhh {*ym}:shhhh:

Not talking {*ym}:nottalking:

Silly {*ym}:silly:

Yawn {*ym}:yawn:

Applause {*ym}:applause:

Love {*ym}:love:

Kiss {*ym}:kiss:

Broken heart {*ym}:brokenheart:

Devil {*ym}:devil:

LOL {*ym}:lol:

Angel {*ym}:angel:

Nerd {*ym}:nerd:

Loser {*ym}:loser:

Sick {*ym}:sick:

Clown {*ym}:clown:

Party {*ym}:party:

Drool {*ym}:drool:

Hmmm {*ym}:hmmm:

D\'oh {*ym}:doh:

Nail biting {*ym}:nailbiting:

Hypnotized {*ym}:hypnotized:

Liar {*ym}:liar:

Waiting {*ym}:waiting:

Sigh {*ym}:sigh:

Tongue 2 {*ym}:tongue2:

Cowboy {*ym}:cowboy:

Pig {*ym}:pig:

Cow {*ym}:cow:

Monkey {*ym}:monkey:

Rose {*ym}:rose:

Clover {*ym}:clover:

US flag {*ym}:usflag:

Pumpkin {*ym}:pumpkin:

Coffee {*ym}:coffee:

Idea {*ym}:idea:

Skull {*ym}:skull:

Bug {*ym}:bug:

Alien {*ym}:alien:

Frustrated {*ym}:frustrated:

Praying {*ym}:praying:

Money eyes {*ym}:moneyeyes:

Whistling {*ym}:whistling:

Beat up {*ym}:beatup:

Peace {*ym}:peace:

No no {*ym}:nono:

Dancing {*ym}:dancing:

Bring it on {*ym}:bringiton:

Hiro {*ym}:hiro:

Billy {*ym}:billy:

April {*ym}:april:

Yin Yang {*ym}:yinyang:

Chatterbox {*ym}:chatterbox:

Praise {*ym}:praise:

Haha yeah right {*ym}:hahayeahright:

Star {*ym}:star:

On the phone {*ym}:onthephone:

Call me {*ym}:callme:

At wits end {*ym}:atwitsend:

Wave {*ym}:wave:

Time out {*ym}:timeout:

Daydream {*ym}:daydream:

No idea {*ym}:noidea:

Not listening {*ym}:notlistening:

Puppy eyes {*ym}:puppyeyes:

I dont wanna see {*ym}:idontwannasee:

Hurry up {*ym}:hurryup:

Rock on {*ym}:rockon:

Thumbs down {*ym}:thumbsdown:

Thumbs up {*ym}:thumbsup:

It wasnt me {*ym}:itwasntme:

Attention {*ym}:attention:

Pirate {*ym}:pirate:

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Posted : June 5, 2020 10:14 am