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[Sticky] Town Hall: Section Rules UPDATED 6/12

Hugh Hologram
Member Ditto Town Host

Welcome to Ditto Town, home of NarniaWeb's writing, role-play, and chat room! We're excited that you've joined us. We know Ditto Town can be a little intimidating at first, so we have put together the following information and rules to help everyone enjoy this section. Please also read the forum rules.

The Town Square: This is an online conversation covering random topics - think of it as a great place to get to know other NarniaWebbers in a casual atmosphere. Please keep your posts substantial.

The Ditto Fountain: This is a role-play with lots of freedom (a role-play, or RP, is where you create a character and work with everyone else's character to make a story). There can be more than one thing going on. You can join an existing story or start your own as long as you put the title at the top.

The Ditto Mansion: This is a role-play with a consistent storyline. To suggest a theme for the next Mansion, you may PM the hostess, Madame Gosté, with an opening paragraph. Your theme will be voted on before the next Mansion begins.

Featured Role-plays: A role-play that reaches a certain speed and number of writers becomes eligible for its own thread. If the creator of a role-play would like to move the story (it is optional) from the Fountain, a short summary should be sent to Madame Gosté. To join a featured role-play, you may PM your request to the creator of the role-play, listed on the first page of each thread.

The Inn Between: This is the home of the Ditto Story, a collaborative writing project among members of NarniaWeb. The original Ditto Story Index, created by BERNINBUSH, is here, and an updated version, created by Ryadian, can be found here.

The Library: This is the place where members discuss the Ditto Story (questions from newbies are welcome!). Members may also post links to their own works of fiction.

The Post Office: This thread lists character information from the Fountain, Mansion, and Featured Role-plays.

The Census Bureau: This thread lists character information for The Inn Between Ditto Story.

When posting in a role-play/writing thread, please follow these rules:

1.) Be familiar with NarniaWeb Rules! All forum rules apply when posting in the Ditto Town section. Exceptions are always found on the first page for each Ditto Town thread.

2.) Look things up before asking. Check the Town Hall and read the first post of a specific thread before you start posting. The opening post will include important information that you will need to know.

3.) Use other writers’ characters only with permission. If you wish to use someone else’s characters, please PM them about what you would like to do.

4.) Live by the main plotter’s plotline. Each story (besides The Inn Between) usually has one or two people in control of the plotline. The main plotter is the only person who can introduce major plot twists.

5.) All characters must be original, not lifted from a book, movie, or any other copyrighted material. Also, please consider providing profiles/bios for your characters. These are posted in the Post Office (for RP threads) or the Census Bureau (for The Inn Between). These are not required, but offering basic descriptions (like eye or hair color) will help the other writers describe interactions with your characters.

6.) Post appropriately. When you are writing in a story thread, such as the Fountain or The Inn Between, post only story segments. Please direct out-of-character (OOC) comments or questions to the appropriate OOC thread (the Cavern Tavern for the Fountain, Mansion, and Features and the Library for The Inn Between).

7.) Make sure you have time to control all of your characters in all your stories. This is basic courtesy toward your fellow writers. Occasionally an author may be unable to visit NarniaWeb or write for their characters for an extended period. We understand that other things come up, but this can hold up participation for everyone else.

Consequently, if a writer fails to log in to NarniaWeb for one month, or fails to post for their active characters (characters that are involved in a current plot) for two months, the characters will default to general use and may be taken up by other authors to fulfill their purpose in the plot. Note that these characters should act consistently with their past behavior, and be used in the spirit of their owner's intent. Please note that this rule does not apply to the Inn Between.

Should you anticipate being gone a while, consider posting this information in the Cavern Tavern. If you wish, you may delegate your characters to one or more other writers, with the understanding that they would revert to you when you return.

If you have any questions, please PM any of the Ditto Town moderators. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Happy posting! :)

— Lady Arwen, stargazer and Ryadian

~ Read the Ditto Town Frequently Asked Questions ~

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