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[Closed] Blossom Festival Mansion 2021

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Lady Arwen
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Kaelin's eyes were almost as big as the bag Molly offered her.

"Yes please, thank you, you're too kind!" she blundered, taking it appreciatively. She was not normally one to like candy, but Molly's reminded her of happy memories, so she was more than happy to take it off her hands.

After saying her goodbyes, she ran off to find her sister, who was loitering near the entrance. 

"Look what Molly gave me!" she exclaimed, then stopped short. "Is that mamai's book?"

"I don't think it's exactly the same edition, but it's close," Maeve admitted. "Shall we read some of it tonight?"

"Do I have to translate it?"


Kaelin pulled two lollypops out of the bag and offered one to her sister. 


They strolled out of the square, enjoying their sweets and listening to the soft sounds of pipes. It had been a good day, after all.

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Posted : May 10, 2021 5:36 pm
Delia Death
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Delia strolled through the nearly-empty square toward an empty bench, humming softly to herself. She sat on it for a moment, playing with some of the flowers adorning her outfit. A woman came and sat by her. 

"Not a bad party, eh, ma?" Delia asked. 

"It was rather pleasant," the woman smiled. "It could be like this all the time, if you could keep to one plane of existence, you know."

"True," Delia admitted, "but then, that's not how I'm built."

She pulled a rather dark flower from behind her ear and held it out to her. 

"Bella donna?"

The woman chuckled and took it. 

"It always was one of your favorite flowers, wasn't it?"


Well, I guess it's curtains for this festival. We might just have to keep this one around! Although the Mansion will be closed for, um, Spring Cleaning, keep a weather eye out: It looks like we might be setting sail on another away adventure on June 16th!  

Hugs and poisoned kisses,

D. Death

Topic starter Posted : May 11, 2021 1:05 am
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