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[Closed] Caspian in VDT  

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Since there was no existing Caspian/VDT topic open, and since there hasn't been much to discuss on the forums recently, thought i might as well get involved in a bit of costume discussion here, see what everyone thought as to Caspians various looks spotted so far

From what i can tell so far he has at least 3 distinct outfits, though with perhaps a bit of crossover and mixing and matching going on elsewhere.

Outfit #1 is the one that a lot of people compared to Will Turner's in POTC. This outfit has been photographed the most often during the Cleveland Point and Spit filming, so i would assume it is his "main" outfit (for the time being). It seems to basically consist of a Maroon shirt, greyish trousers, and brown boots (link 1 below). And during the filming at the Spit it was paried with a maroon jacket type thing (photo 2 below) ... 2ccd77.jpg ... ?print=yes

Outfit #2 is the one that a few people compared to a Jedi Knight from Star Wars. Matching brown shirt and brown trousers, with brown boots and a long brown overcoat ... 969a5b.jpg

Outfit #3 is the armour outfit, which i suspect is partly derived from an as yet un-seen costume. It consists of red trousers (possibly part of the ships' uniform) and a white/beige shirt, with the blue and gold armour over the top. ... 2_ps_7.jpg

This is possibly the same costume with the armour taken off: ... ew/001.jpg

And this is possibly or possibly not the same shirt but when soaking wet: ... g_0807.jpg

Posted : October 22, 2009 9:53 am
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Very interesting. By the way, how do you find all of these pictures?? I haven't had much success in finding good pictures by myself.

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Posted : November 15, 2009 12:16 pm
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His overall look is significantly less flourished in VDT than it was in PC which is kind of a shame to me because I loved that Caspian always had some kind of intricate detail on him whether it was the embroidery or smocking on his shirts to the brocade skirt-over-trousers look in the final scene. Caspian does get to keep his side button breeches but other than that I feel like the costuming here is showing the effects of budget slash or allocating costume design lower on the list of priorities. I can't think of an artistic reason to lessen the amount of detail on his clothing unless it's to make him look more "grown up" and "no nonsense" which would be silly anyway considering the ship design. It definitely looks easier to sew/craft this set than to sit down and hammer 9000 rivets into leather.

Love that Ben still has the ring on in that second to last picture.

Posted : November 19, 2009 2:13 pm