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Aslan's creation includes the whole world Narnia is in, yes?  

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Hello everyone,

As I've re-read the Chronicles, one question that occurs to me is when we read of the beginnings of Narnia in the Magician's Nephew whether that pertains to the country of Narnia only or to the entire world in which Narnia exists. Since the end of Caspian mentions Telmarines arriving in Telmar from Earth and the land having been unpeopled before then, I always assumed that Aslan created the whole world and that the different nationalities of humans all arrived through portals, though in the case of Telmar that is specifically spelled out but with Calormen it is not.

Pardon if this topic has been covered before, I've been a fan for three decades but am new to this site.

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Posted : January 15, 2020 12:10 am
Col Klink
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When Digory and Polly are flying on Fledge, they see the country that they assume will become Archenland. So, yes, creating Narnia in this context clearly means creating the whole world.

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Posted : January 15, 2020 2:23 am