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[Sticky] IMPORTANT NOTICE: Recent thread closures

Hugh Hologram
Member Ditto Town Host

This is to serve as a formal announcement that all of the current role-plays and related roleplay threads will be closing as of the end of December 17th. This closing date is final - any remaining posts in any of the threads listed below will need to be made before this date.

New, revamped role-play threads will be opening in the near future, and in the meanwhile, a new Mansion will begin soon to celebrate the holiday season. The Town Square will remain open for discussion.

If you have any concerns, please contact one of the moderators for more information.

These are the threads that will be closed as of 12/17/17:

-DISCUSSION: Ditto Town's Future
-Ditto Town Mystery Mansion II
-Featured RP: Sagebrush Crossing
-Featured RP: Supernova
-The Inn Between: Ditto Story 8
-Ditto Town Fountain II: A New Beginning
-Ditto Town Library
-Ze Cavern Tavern I
-The Post Office
-The Census Bureau

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Topic starter Posted : December 13, 2017 6:28 pm